Monthly Musings – 1/26/23

Happy Thursday! It’s the last Thursday of the month so I am linking up with Holly and Patty to answer 10 fun seasonal questions. I love thinking about my answers and seeing everyone else’s answers, too!

I am looking forward to reading the other responses to these questions because this is a real struggle for me. I have developed some strategies to help, but there’s always room for more.

1. What is something you do for yourself to beat the winter blues?

One thing that really helps me is when the winter blues are setting in is light. I try to get outside and soak up as much sunshine as possible. If it’s freezing, even sitting by a window helps. I also have a happy light. I read with my face really close to it some mornings. It helps me. I’m not sure if there is actual scientific help or the placebo effect, but I’m not worried about it because it helps.

I also try to keep planning and preparing healthy meals. It’s so easy to want and make comfort foods when it’s cold out, but I do so much better when I’m eating a bunch of protein, fruits, and vegetables. One of my favorite things to see in the winter is Plant City strawberries. I just picked up our first PC strawberries yesterday!

I also put a little self tanner on my face, neck, and chest every few days. It doesn’t make me look summer tan, but it just gives me a little glow. I’ve been using Isle of Paradise medium for years and I still love it.

2. What is something you do for your family to bring joy over the winter?

I try to plan fun things to keep us busy in the winter. It’s getting a little more challenging with the kids’ activities schedule, but I’m not giving up.

The boys stay really active in the winter. It is easy to slow down and hang out on the couch more, but they are so much happier when they move their bodies. Swim practice, basketball practice, soccer practice, and soon lacrosse practice always result in happier kids.

3. What are your favorite cozy items or go-tos?

I love pajamas and my grandma slippers. I put my slippers on as soon as I get home, even if I am not home for the day. I love white, terry cloth, slip on slippers. Lately, I’ve been wearing Patricia Green slippers. They are cushiony, warm, and oh so comfortable. We call them grandma slippers because one Christmas morning my parents gave the same pair to my grandma and me. You can see my slippers in the gray pjs picture below. 😍

I also love cozy pajamas. There are some days that I am counting down the moments until I can get in my pjs. Yesterday was a cold rainy day and Luke came home early from school with a headache. I ended up wearing two sets of pajamas. One for around the house pjs and then another for sleeping.

4. What are your winter exercise habits or practices?

My goal is to keep my exercise habits the same all year long. I ALWAYS feel better when I exercise in the morning before work or activities. I have a harder time getting up in the winter because the house is chilly and the bed is so warm, but that’s my goal. Exercise is really important for me to keep the winter blues away. I generally workout in my basement where I have a treadmill, bench, and some weights.

5. Do you practice journaling or meditation?

I don’t. I would probably benefit from it, but I don’t.

6. Do you light candles or use essential oils to relax?

I generally light candles when I’m home. I do it because I love the smell, but I don’t find it relaxing. I don’t use essential oils either.

7. Do you have any bedtime rituals you would like to share that promote quality sleep?

I don’t have anything that promotes great sleep except wear yourself out so you fall into bed tired. I generally fall asleep with tv on (terrible habit) and a light on (not great). I leave the tv on for noise but I take my glasses off so I can’t see it. I prop my kindle up and read myself to sleep each night. Jeff usually falls asleep after me and turns the lights and tv off.

8. What are your morning habits that help prepare for a Good day?

Exercise, drink a big cup of water, make the bed, and grab my lunch that I packed the night before. I try to stay off my phone in the mornings because I get distracted by emails, social media, and texting. My morning is a pretty tight schedule so I don’t have time to get distracted by it.

9. What is your favorite way to spend a day off in the winter?

My favorite way to spend it is on a beach somewhere warmer than here! Hah! If I have to be here, I enjoy going and doing something together – a museum, an activity (Top Golf, etc.), new restaurant. Realistically, I spend my day off cheering my kids on in some event and I love that! Oh, and going out to lunch. I love to go out to lunch!

10. Do you have any favorite winter themed movies?

I don’t. After I stop watching Christmas movies, I am back to Golden Girls and award shows if I turn on the television. I do watch seasonal Hallmark movies occasionally.

So, how do you do winter? I can’t wait to see. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

15 thoughts on “Monthly Musings – 1/26/23

  1. natasha says:

    One thing I love about my Kobo is that I put it on a really dim setting and then I read myself to sleep too. It is so much better for me than reading a physical book by the light on my bedside table.

  2. Joanne says:

    Light therapy is a real thing and there is scientific & neuro- psychological proof to back it up. It also helps our bodies with wake/ sleep cycles too especially this time of year when it can be dreary all the time. I like to fall asleep with the TV on too but I set the sleep mode since my husband usually falls asleep before me but I need that background noise to fall asleep to.

  3. Patty says:

    Oooooh, Patricia Green slippers are so fancy. I love that you had on PJs to hang out and then changed into ones for sleeping the other day. A gal after my own heart.

    Thanks for joining us. You always are a great addition to Monthly Musings.


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