Monthly Musings – 6/29/23

Happy Thursday! It’s the last Thursday of the month so I am linking up with Holly and Patty to answer 10 fun seasonal questions. I love thinking about my answers and seeing everyone else’s answers, too!

In January, we talked about beating the winter blues.

In February, we talked about warm weather destinations.

In March, we talked about spring fashion.

In April, we talked all about spring.

In May, we talked about Memorial Day.

This month we are talking about summer fun – vacations, trips, and adventures. I love all of these so let’s get to it!

1. Favorite vacation destinations?

All of them!! My favorite place is a beach because everyone in my family is so happy there and I can truly sit down and relax. Really though, I love to travel! There are so many wonderful places to visit and learn about that I’ll go anywhere.

2. Best packing tips?

Packing cubes all the way! Even when we are going for two nights, we all use packing cubes. It keeps your clothes organized and helps separate the clean from the dirty. Packing cubes kept everyone so organized on our most recent trip to Palm Beach and I threw them in the wash when we got home. They are already put away and ready for the next trip.

3. Road trips or fly?

My love of new places is so big that I’ll do either! I love to fly, I don’t mind a road trip, and I love a train ride. Sometimes is makes more sense to drive so that you have a car when you get there and so you can make fun stops along the way. For instance, we were planning a trip to Niagara Falls this summer. It’s an easy flight, but I wanted to go to the Canadian side and do a little exploring there. So we were going to drive. However, the kids’ passports still aren’t here so that trip is postponed.

4. Favorite vacation memory as a child?

We always went to the beach and it was so fun, but I think my favorite memory is our trip to Alaska. My uncle and his family lived in Juneau because he was stationed there in the Coast Guard. My mom planned the best trip! In Juneau, we hiked, saw real totem poles, took a helicopter ride onto a glacier, drank fresh glacier water, went salmon fishing,

5. Ocean, lake, or mountains?

If you have been here for any length of time, you know my answer. Ocean, ocean, ocean!

6. Campout or indoor grill?

I do not like a fire. Even when people say the fire is smokeless or doesn’t smell, I still smell like a fire until I shower. Curly hair is very porous, so maybe that’s why it holds on to the smoke smell, but either way I do not love it. I avoid campfires at all costs!

We do grill quite a bit outside. That scent doesn’t bother me or get stuck in my hair/clothes like a campfire does.

7. Favorite summer cocktail or mocktail?

A key lime crush! Here’s Jeff’s recipe and it is DELICIOUS!!

8. Most amazing travel upgrade story?

For our honeymoon, Jeff and I went to Fuertaventura in the Canary Islands. We stayed at a Sheraton that had just opened. When we checked in, the manager saw we were American and got so excited. He upgraded our room and gave us a ton of vouchers for the hotel’s amenities – restaurant, spa, etc. Most of the employees’ first language was Spanish and they were looking for practice speaking English conversationally. It was great! We had so much fun enjoying all the hotel had to offer on our honeymoon!

9. Ice cream or popsicle?

Ice cream, every time! Mint chocolate chip is my favorite!

10. Do you camp?

No! Heck no! Never! I DO NOT CAMP!!

That was fun!! Be sure to check out Holly and Patty’s posts too! I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun vacation recap so be sure to stop by! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Natasha says:

    I am surprised by all the people who don’t like the smell of/can’t handle wood smoke. I do love the smell but I do have to shower right after a fire. Also, I’m sorry your summer vacation got postponed. That’s disappointing 🙁

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