Monthly Musings 5/25/23

Happy Thursday! It’s the last Thursday of the month so I am linking up with Holly and Patty to answer 10 fun seasonal questions. I love thinking about my answers and seeing everyone else’s answers, too!

In January, we talked about beating the winter blues.

In February, we talked about warm weather destinations.

In March, we talked about spring fashion.

In April, we talked all about spring.

This month we are talking about Memorial Day!

1. How are you spending Memorial Day Weekend?

We are going to be home for most of the weekend. Luke has a soccer tournament. Jack and Jeff are going to the LIV golf tournament. I am hoping to get to the pool a few times.

2. Favorite ice cream?

Hoffman’s mint chocolate chip ice cream. There is nothing better than that!

3. Memorial Day travel or stay home?

We have been to the beach for Memorial Day and it is fun, but we usually stay home.

4. Burger, hot dog, or both?

I’ll have either. They are both delicious!

5. Favorite cookout sides?

Deviled eggs and my Mommom’s cucumber and onions. My mom is really good at making them and I am getting better every time I make them.

6. White before or after Memorial Day?

I wear white whenever I want!

7. Memorial Day traditions?

The town I grew up in, where my parents still live, isn’t far from us and we go to the parade on Memorial Day whenever we can. When the kids were little, we’d meet up with friends at the playground behind my parents house after the parade.

I always get to the pool on Memorial Day weekend. I am usually there all three days if the weather cooperates.

8. Share a summer recipe.

One of my favorite summer recipes is a Key Lime Crush. It is just so delicious! I tried it at the beach once and begged for the recipe. Jeff tweaked it a little bit and now it is PERFECT!

9. Parades, fireworks, or cookouts?

Yes please!! As I mentioned in question seven, my hometown has a Memorial Day parade that just may be the longest consecutive running Memorial Day parade in the nation. I love a small town parade and so does my mom! I love fireworks as long as I don’t have to drive to them. We don’t have big organized fireworks on Memorial Day weekend, but there are tons of homemade fireworks shows that we can see from our house. I love a cookout, too! I’m here for all of it!

10. Show us your red, white, and blue.

Well, how long are you willing to stay here?? I love red, white, and blue and wear it as much as possible! I decorate my house in red, white, and blue all summer long (and for election days). We live in an area called the Freedom District even though that’s not the name of our town so many of our teams are red, white, and blue. It’s the best!

What are you Memorial Day weekend traditions? I can’t wait to see! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

6 thoughts on “Monthly Musings 5/25/23

  1. Patty says:

    I am here for all of your red, white and blue! Kind of jealous you are going to Liv. The boys looked at it but it conflicts with a graduation party we have.

    Thanks for linking up with us Sarah and have the Best Memorial Day weekend!

  2. Joanne says:

    Love all the red, white, and blue! We used to go back to my hometown to see the memorial day parade each May when my boys were little too but that tradition stopped years ago.

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