What’s Up Wednesday – 6/28/23

Happy Wednesday! It’s the last Wednesday of the month so I am sharing what we’ve been up to. Let’s get to it!

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This time of year I always think about the boys’ first time in a pool and their first swim meets! I love that they love swimming and the water as much as Jeff and I do.


Summer!! We haven’t fallen into a summer routine yet but it’s ok. I’m loving spending so much time outside. I’m loving time at the pool. I’m loving time with the boys and Jeff!

Our dishwasher!! After weeks, countless calls to Bosch and Lowe’s, we finally have a dishwasher that works. I ended up buying a KitchenAid and am absolutely thrilled with it!!! I have never been so happy to load and unload a dishwasher in my entire life!!

Unfortunately, the ice maker in our freezer stopped working. I know, another stinking appearance that isn’t working! However, I was able to turn this into something great! I finally had a reason to get a nugget ice maker. I couldn’t justify the $$$ GE Opal ice maker, so I got the Frigidaire and I am thrilled!! It’s big and I still need to figure out where it’s going to live permanently, but I absolutely love having nugget ice whenever I want it!


School ended and we celebrated Jack’s 8th grade promotion. He had a great three years in middle school.

Luke had a fantastic year in 6th grade! He did a great job figuring out middle school and is already excited for 7th grade to start!

Luke had a lacrosse tournament to finish out the season. Then, we hosted his team party at the pool. It’s was fun to hang out with the families of these great kids.

Luke and I pulled our first all-dayer of the season at the pool. We were there from 11:30 am until closing at 9 pm. In our experience, the key to a good all-dayer is plenty of food and lots of friends rotating through the day.

Jeff and I celebrated our 17th anniversary with a dinner out.

We went to Palm Beach Garden for The Under Armour Junior Tour summer nationals golf tournament. Jack qualified this spring and was so excited. We had a great time! My mom, Luke, and I went into Palm Beach for some Lilly sightseeing. It was amazing! I’ll share our trip details on Friday!

The boys had time trials (a practice swim meet). It was so fun because we do time trials with a local pool so they get to swim with their friends. As a bonus, I got to see a bunch of kids that I teach swim!

Jack swam in another long course (50 meter pool) swim meet. He did really well and it was such a fun meet. They played music for the entire meet and the playlist was clearly made by a fun teenager. I loved it! Jack swam well, too!

We celebrated Father’s Day with Jeff and my dad. We’ll celebrate Jeff’s dad this weekend. We have three great dads in our family and it’s always fun to celebrate them!

Luke’s soccer team had their final game of the seasons and their team party. Luke will have a new coach next year because his coach is retiring. He had the best year with him!

Luke had a team meeting for his new soccer team this year. There are quite a few new kids and a new coach. It was fun for the boys to get out there and play a little. Jeff and I enjoyed meeting the parents, too!

I met two authors in June!! Kristan Hannah came to town to talk about her new book A Little Ray of Sunshine. She was so funny and I can’t wait to read her book!!

Fiona Davis came to talk about her new book The Spectacular. I loved this book and it was so fun to hear about her research! My mom and a few of her friends went with me to hear Fiona. I’m so glad they joined me!


Nothing!! It’s summer and I am here for all of it!!


I am taking a four week class about self-care for teachers. The book seems to be all about checking in with yourself, making a plan to make sure your needs are met (think Maslow’s hierarchy). I am looking forward to finding out what I need to work on and finding ways to improve myself.


This may seem a little silly, but I am excited for my new planner. I’m “moving in” today and can’t wait. I use the Erin Condren weekly vertical life planner and have for years. It is perfect for our life and keeps me in order!


The lifeguards at our pool have been playing Abba music and I’ve been thinking about Mamma Mia. I’ve never seen it but it seems like a great summer movie. I watched it last night and it’s so fun!

I’ve been reading my Summer Beach Reads. These are usually my favorite books of the year!!

I just finished The Wife App by Carolyn Mackler. I really enjoyed it. In this book, three friends decide to capitalize on the mental load that most wives carry. They create an app and charge for all of the tasks that tend to fall on the wife – school forms, groceries, meal planning, the cleaners, gifts for everyone, travel planning, etc. I loved how each of the women discovered what they really wanted to be happy and the app gave them some freedom to go after it.

I’ve had Some Women by Emily Liebert on my TBR for quite some time. I finally got around to reading it this month and it was great. It was also about three women whose lives change in unexpected ways that bring them together. I love stories of friendship and this is a good one. I think I remember there were lipstick colors or nail polish colors that went along with each character. I had fun thinking about what color Annabel, Mackenzie, and Piper would pick.


I’m still listening to my favorite podcasts – Keeping Up with the Windsors, The Mom Hour, The Girl Next Door, The Lazy Genius, Best Laid Plans, Wiser Than Me, Best of Both Worlds, and What Should I Read Next.

I have been listening to some fun playlists at the pool that the lifeguards made. I asked them to share the playlists so I’ll share them when I get them.

I love beach music in the summer. Radio Margaritaville is perfect for this. The Wheeland Brothers, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band, Jack Johnson, and of course Jimmy Buffett!!

The boys have been playing a lot of Pitbull on Alexa. I love Pitbull’s music and must dance when he comes on!


I bought two new bathing suits this summer. The quality seems great so far. They are Amazon essentials bikinis and so comfy. I have this green one and a pretty pink floral on, too.

I am still loving my tennis dresses from Old Navy and Gap.

I got this cute tennis dress from Lilly in Palm Beach. It is so comfy and perfect for summer! Lilly is having a sale today – Wednesday. This dress won’t be in the sale, but there should be some good finds. Be sure to check it out if you love Lilly!

I’m loving this dress from Walmart!

I am still loving these beaded bangles from Gray Co.!


On Friday we are celebrating my mom’s birthday. The boys have a swim meet on Saturday morning and it is near Jeff’s parents’ house so we are staying for some pool time and dinner. I’m hoping for a low key pool day on Sunday.


All the summer fun! We have some fun things planned at the pool. I love summer swim team and it goes through the whole month of July. I’m looking forward to lots of relaxing and family fun!

That’s what I’ve been up to this month. We finished school and are in full summer mode! It’s fantastic. I’ll be back tomorrow for Monthly Musings. I hope to see you here! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Morgan says:

    Happy Summer & yay to no alarms! I think it’s great that you’re taking a self care class for teachers – it’s so hard sometimes to balance everything and make the time so I hope that it’s a helpful class for you! I moved into my EC this week as well – how are you liking yours so far? Enjoy the summer!
    – Morgan @ mommyaboveall.com

  2. Joanne says:

    Yay for FINALLY getting a working dishwasher. We love our nugget ice maker; I recommend putting it somewhere shady as any sort of light seems to cause algae to grow. I loved A Little Ray of Sunshine!

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