Friday Favorites – Palm Beach – 6/30/23

Happy Friday! I am sharing one big favorite today – our trip to Palm Beach last week! Before I get started on that, I want to share one more favorite – my mom! Happy birthday Mom!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight!

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This might be a long one, but I am going to do the whole trip in one post. Here we go!

You may be wondering why we went to Palm Beach. Well, Jack has been playing in The Under Armour Junior Tour golf tournaments and qualified for Summer Nationals 2023. He was really excited to make it. Only the top 6 in each age group qualify. Jack plays in the Baltimore/York tournaments. They are very competitive and it is one of the biggest groups. We are so proud of him!!

We left Wednesday afternoon around 6 pm. It was supposed to be a little before 5, but our flight was delayed. All was good and we had an easy flight to Fort Lauderdale. All of our checked luggage arrived which was also wonderful. We got a few AirTags for Christmas so we put them in the checked bags. That was actually pretty stressful! The AirTags didn’t all update at the same time so checking on them to see if they were on the plane was actually more worrisome than just hoping the luggage made it like the olden days!

Our other two passengers didn’t take a selfie!

We got a rental car for the day and drove the hour north to PGA National resort in Palm Beach Gardens. When we made our reservations, there weren’t any 2 queen rooms available in the group rate. I reserved a king room with a rollaway. We were going to make due the first night with me on the couch, luke on the cot, and Jeff and Jack in the bed. However, when we checked in they had a 2 queen room available. It was perfect since we didn’t get checked in until after 10 pm.

The next morning we got up and went to breakfast at Lili’s Cafe and the grocery store. The breakfast was huge and delicious! We headed back to the hotel and got Jack all checked in.

Luke and I went to the pool and Jeff and Jack went to the driving range.

Jeff went to return the rental car and Jack moved to the putting green. Luke and I stayed at the pool until my parents got there with Jeff. They picked him up from the rental car drop off. They got checked in and we all met for a delicious dinner at Honeybelle’s. We went to bed pretty early because Jeff, Dad, and Jack had an early tee time on Friday.

They were playing the Championship course. This is the course the PGA plays on at the Honda Classic. There are 3 famous holes called “The Bear Trap” and they guys loved playing them!

While they played, my mom, Luke, and I went to Palm Beach. We went to C.Orrico boutique first. The Orrico sisters were good friends with Lilly Pulitzer and have some items from the original Lilly store in Palm Beach there. It is also the original Lilly Pulitzer signature store. It was cool to visit!

Then we headed over to Worth Avenue to the Lilly store. This was pretty amazing!! They have live print painting in the store and the prints originals are on display there. Unfortunately they weren’t painting live that day, but it was still awesome!

They also have a place where you can have a custom shift dress made. You can pick from a few different fabrics, then you pick the lace that embellishes the dress, and they make it to fit you! How amazing!! I might make that my 50th birthday present to myself.

Luke was a trooper in the store! He got comfy and played on his iPod.

After we finished shopping, we headed to The Breakers. It was a beautiful hotel and right on the water.

We had lunch at The Seafood Bar. Mom and I had fish tacos and Luke had seashells and cheese. The lunch was delicious!

Then we headed back to the resort. The golfers were finished and we hung out in the pool, played chess, and relaxed in the room for a bit.

Jack was back on the putting green to practice.

There was a welcome dinner at 7 and guess who was there – Scott Baio! His daughter was playing in the tournament too. I didn’t get any pictures with him, but I did say hi to him at the ice machine one day. I tried to be totally normal and let him be a regular dad cheering on his daughter.

There was a great fireworks show after dinner. We started out watching on the balcony, but went down to the pool to get a better view.

We grabbed breakfast on Saturday morning and went to the pool for a bit before Jack went out to play. His tee time was at 12:40 on the Match course. My mom and Luke were going to ride along for the first 10 holes and then go back to the pool for a bit. They announced each kid on the first tee like they do at PGA tournaments. It was really cool!

The weather turned pretty quickly and we all ended up heading in at the 10th hole. The thunderstorm wasn’t supposed to last too long so they held everyone in the ballroom and lobby. My mom got a good spot in the lobby and we hung out. We ended up ordering a lunch/dinner and I am so glad we did because they didn’t send the kids back out for a while. My dad, Jeff, and I went back out with Jack for about 3 very rainy holes until they called the kids back in for the night.

They had a glow party for the kids. It was pretty chaotic but Luke had a great time!! Jeff and I hung out for a bit, too. They gave out fun glasses, but the boys didn’t want to wear them.

We took showers, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and went to bed. Jack had to be back out on the course by 7:20 am to finish the round. He played really well and was pleased with his round!

We grabbed some sandwiches for lunch and Jack went back to the room. Luke, Jeff, and I went to the pool to hang out while Jack rested in the room. Jack was due back on the course for his tee time on the Championship course. He was excited to play it again after a great round on Friday.

My dad, Jeff, and I were with Jack for all of the tournament. My mom and Luke were there for the first 10 holes on Saturday and the first, 9th, and 10th holes on Sunday. I was thrilled to be able to spend the whole time with Jack. It was great to have my mom, dad, and Luke there too!

Well, they got 13 holes in before the weather turned again. They called the kids in and we waited again. Unfortunately, the storm would not move on and the tournament officials called the tournament. Jack’s age group had a 27 hole tournament instead of 36 holes. Jack was bummed, but happy that he got to play the Championship course already.

By this time it was after 6, so we changed quickly and met my parents and Luke for dinner at Honeybelle’s again. The food was delicious!

Jeff had an early, early flight to Boston for work on Monday and my dad was taking him to the airport so we headed up to the room. The great thing about hotel restaurants is that you can take your glass with you if you aren’t finished yet. 😉

On Monday, the boys and I went to the gym for a bit and then met my parents for breakfast. We went to the pool for a bit before heading to the airport.

Our flight was a little delayed on the way home, but it wasn’t bad. We got home around midnight and fell right into bed.

Overall, it was wonderful experience for Jack and we had a great time cheering him on! Florida is HOT in June, and so very humid! The temperature wasn’t so bad, about 89, but the humidity was strong making the real feel 117 most days!

I picked the wrong top on Saturday!

I am so glad we went and we will definitely go again if he makes winter nationals.

Traveling with my parents is a great fit. Especially for this trip, they were so flexible and ready for anything. I had a great time with them and am so glad they joined us!!

The hotel was so fun and Florida-y!

I wore my Lilly on the trip! Palm Beach is so so Lilly and I loved dressing for the location!

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We are going to be home for the whole month of July. We haven’t done that in a very long time. I’m looking forward to some fun pool days, a day trip or two, and quality time with friends and family. If you have any questions about the trip, put them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. PGA National resort is a great golf resort and was so fun to visit! Happy birthday Mom!! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. scottaew says:

    Congrats to Jack and how fun! You got some good use out of all of your Lilly pieces! Love that! My consignment store has an entire rack devoted to Lilly – isn’t that great?

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    What an amazing trip! Jack looks so much older for some reason. I love the Jack/Jeff pics…so cool that he was Jack’s caddy. I’m glad you all had a great trip.

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