Monthly Musings – 7/27/23

Happy Thursday! It’s the last Thursday of the month so I am linking up with Holly and Patty to answer 10 fun seasonal questions. I love thinking about my answers and seeing everyone else’s answers, too!

In January, we talked about beating the winter blues.

In February, we talked about warm weather destinations.

In March, we talked about spring fashion.

In April, we talked all about spring.

In May, we talked about Memorial Day.

In June, we talked about summer fun – vacations, trips, and adventures.

This month we are talking about summer fashion.

1. Favorite summer outfit?

Well, yesterday I said my favorite summer wardrobe was pjs, exercise clothes, bathing suit, exercise clothes (if needed), pjs. So I guess those are my favorite, but this summer I can’t get enough of the tennis dresses when I go anywhere that requires something besides pjs, bathing suits, and exercise clothes. I love the Old Navy Powersoft dress, the Lilly Anaia dress, and these other two from Gap. If you are a frequent reader, I know you’ve heard about them a ton but I just keep wearing and loving them!

2. Favorite summer footwear?

I love my Reef flip flops in the summer. They go with everything I am wearing. I have been loving my Brooks sneakers, too!

3. What summer accessories are you wearing on repeat?

I am still loving my bracelets from Gray Co. I just picked up this set on a great sale because it was the last one available.

I’ve already mixed it in with some others I have.

I love the red, white, and blue beads for our summer swim team.

Here’s how I’ve mixed them all together.

You should check them out on Instagram. Each week, there is a stack of the week for a great deal. The bracelets are comfy and match just about everything!

4. What do you use for a summer bag?

I almost always carry a Barrington bag for my purse. I love the St. Ann zippered style. Right now I am using my very first bag because it is summery.

I keep creating this bag when I get a coupon, but haven’t purchased it yet. I’m holding out for a slightly bigger coupon.

For years I have used an L.L. Bean lightweight tote for a our pool bag. I love it!

I’ve also been using my belt bags quite a bit this summer. I have a black and navy from Lululemon and Lilly bag that I got as a gift with purchase.

5. What summer scents are you wearing?

Sunscreen and chlorine, that’s about it.

6. Maxi dress? Romper? Jumpsuit?

I have a few maxi dresses but don’t wear them a ton because I am shorter than I look and they always drag the ground a little. I love a romper and a jumpsuit though!

7. Favorite summer sunglasses?

I love the sunglasses I got a few years ago from Tuckernuck. My casual favorites right now are Goodr sunglasses. I’ve been wearing the aviator and the cat eye styles.

8. Favorite summer pjs?

I love matching pjs. This summer I have been loving my Old Navy Valentine’s Day pjs and my Lilly pjs.

9. Do you wear white after Labor Day?

You bet I do!

10. Favorite summer fashion trend right now?

I am not sure if it is a trend or not, but I am getting into the long sports bras because it is HOT! When I go to the beach, I like to go for a long walk at sunrise on the beach. It’s usually hot and humid already so I wore the one longer bra with shorts and I loved it.

I just ordered a few more for the beach and hopefully they’ll be here today or tomorrow. I am hoping I love one or two of these that I ordered.

Summer fashion is one of my favorite things – the bright colors, the fun skirts and dresses, the sandals – but I don’t wear much of it. We are pretty laid back in the summer and don’t do many fancy, get dressed things. Maybe that will be a goal for me next summer, to get dressed at least once a week. Ha! Don’t hold me to it! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Monthly Musings – 7/27/23

  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    I totally agree- bring on all of the fun colors and prints but most of the time it is comfy workout clothes- bathing suits-cover ups and I am so ok with that- ha! Love all of your Lilly and tennis dresses 🙂

  2. Patty says:

    I might need to try that Old Navy tennis dress because I am all about the tennis skirt this summer. You always have the cutest jewelry. I am going to have to follow that company on Instagram and look for those deals.

    Thanks for joining us this month.


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