Friday Favorites – 7/22/22

Happy Friday! We’ve had quite a week around here and we aren’t slowing down one bit. Today is Jeff’s mom’s birthday and we are celebrating her all day! I have a bunch of favorites to share today, in addition to that, so let’s get to it!

Favorite 1: TRAVEL!! We had the best time in Atlanta! It has made me so excited for the rest of our summer and I’m starting to think about next summer! In Atlanta, we went to the zoo and aquarium, visited World of Coke and the College Football Hall of Fame, went to a Braves game and Centennial Olympic park, and explored the city a bit. We also visited with my sister and her family. We came home tired but happy! I shared our trip in two parts – Part 1 & Part 2.

I did have a magical thing happen with our Atlanta trip. I packed very light and we wore everything we packed. So when we got home, it was so easy to unpack and put my suitcase away. It was empty immediately.

Favorite 2: CONCERTS!! We took the boys to see Jack Johnson on Friday night and it was so fun! It was their first concert and they loved it! I went to Jimmy Buffett on Tuesday night and it was so good! Jimmy was back at our closest concert venue for the first time in 19 years. I can’t wait to see him there again and again.

Favorite 3: GOLF!! Jack and Luke competed in Drive, Chip, and Putt competition this week. It was Jack’s fourth time and Luke’s first. Neither boy advanced this year but they had fun. My mom and dad came to watch this year.

Favorite 4: APPOINTMENTS!! We have been to so many appointments in the past week. They’ve been primarily preventative and scheduled, but whoa it’s a lot. I got my annual mammogram, Jack went to the orthodontist, both kids went to the dentist and pediatrician, Luke got his covid booster, and both boys have haircuts. It made for a busy week but we got it all done.

Favorite 5: SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! I usually get school supplies on August 1st and not one day before. This year we are busy on August 1st and our appointment week was perfect for school supply shopping. We had a day that we were staying home from the pool so we went to Target and did it. We were the only people in the school supply section and it was relatively painless. I came home and hid all the school supplies in the guest room closet so we can still enjoy summer!

Favorite 6: VOTING!! Maryland had primary elections this week and I was happy to vote!

Favorite 7: SNOWBALLS!! Visiting the snowball stand was on our list of things to do this summer. It was on our way home from Drive, Chip, and Putt and a perfect way to cool down on the hot day. I got lime, my very favorite!

Hello Monday – Atlanta Part 1
Atlanta Part 2
First Concert Fun

We have a regular weekend planned. Saturday – swim meet and pool day, Sunday – get a few things done around the house and pool day. We have a fun week planned and I can’t wait! I’m hoping to get a bunch of reading time this weekend, too. I’m planning to share my reading lately post soon. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 7/22/22

  1. scottaew says:

    Girl, you have me tired! So good to get all of this done, though. Yay on the great packing! People just don’t understand how much those of us in education have to pack in during the summer, do they? Ha! Have a great weekend and keep on summering!

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    What an action packed week! Congrats on the suitcase situation 😂 that’s great. I told my kids we are hitting up school supplies next week. It’s always good to have that crossed off our list.

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