Atlanta Part 2 – 7/19/22

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday, I shared the first part of our Atlanta trip. If you haven’t read that, check it out. Before I share the rest of our trip, I want to talk about belt bags. So, I have been pretty skeptical about belt bags or fanny packs. I think they are practical and trendy, but I didn’t think they were for me. After talking to some friends, I decided to give it a shot. Guess what?? I love it and it turns out I can pull it off.

I was hoping to get a Lululemon bag, but the stores near me were out of stock. So I headed to Amazon and got this one. It’s spacious and has a few pockets to keep me organized. It does bother me just a little that the hardware is gold and the bag is gray. So, I kept calling the Lululemon stores near me and got a black one this week. I love how much it can hold, too. I decided I’m keeping both!

Now, back to Atlanta. We left the Georgia Aquarium and headed across the lawn to the World of Coke. There was a ton of Coke memorabilia in the holding room before we sat down to watch a quick video of happy moments featuring people with Cokes.

From there, you head out to a few different exhibits. There was the vault with the history of Coca-Cola and it’s recipe. We went to a replica of the first soda fountain that served Coke and practiced writing the logo. We also walked through a model of a bottling facility. It was neat to hear how they do all that.

I loved all of the Olympics and Coke connections! There were torches from the torch relays and so many pins showing the Coke and Olympics. I was in Olympics heaven!

Upstairs, we got to design our own Coke bottle add and learned a bit about Coke marketing (polar bears, Santa, etc.). The classic Coke commercial “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” was playing, too.

We went into a sniff room. Here you would smell a bunch of different scents and try to guess what they were. They were organized by fruity, spicy, and something else that I can’t remember.

Then we headed into the tasting room. There were Coke products from around the world. Tab tasted just like I remember it tasting. There was a super bitter drink from Italy called Beverly that was not for us! We all had the best time tasting drinks from around the world!

The tasting was the end of the tour and we headed to the Braves game! We got a great parking spot and marched over to Will Call to get our tickets. My brother-in-law was able to get us tickets from AJ Minter. He is a closer for the Braves and ended up pitching in our game! The boys were so excited to get tickets from a player!

We had to wait for about an hour for gates to open. We hopped in line so we could be sure to get bobble heads, but the area around the stadium called the Battery looked cool. Once we got in, we headed to our seats. They were great!

We got some dinner and walked around the stadium for a bit. Trust Park is pretty neat!

The Braves hit two home runs in the game and we got to see the chop with the lights out. Jeff, Jack, and Luke were really excited about that! They also ended up on the Jumbotron twice!

After the Braves won, we got back to my sister’s around 11:30. We had a slower start on Wednesday morning. Once we got packed up and headed out, we were going to the College Football Hall of Fame. Well, as I was double checking parking I saw that the HOF was closed until 1:30 for a private event. Nuts!

My Olympics loving heart was happy though! We spent some time in Centennial Olympic park. There was a cool walking tour that tells about the different parts of the park. I quite enjoyed it!

Then we headed to Chick-fil-a for a quick lunch. You can’t be in Georgia and not get to a Chick-fil-a when you need a quick lunch! After lunch, we walked over to Mercedes-Benz stadium and State Farm Arena. We realized the Atlanta United played at home that night but couldn’t fit it in. Next time!

Then we headed into the College Football Hall of Fame. It was really cool!

When you went in, you activated your all-access pass and picked your favorite college team. I picked JMU, Jeff Maryland, Jack Oregon, and Luke Hopkins. It was neat how every time you scanned your pass, it brought up your college team and some facts about it. There is a huge wall of all the college football helmets and when you used your pass, your team lit up so you could find it.

The top floor was the actual hall of fame. There was an interactive display with information about every player and I learned a bunch.

On the middle floor, there was a history of college football and tailgating. We also learned about the uniforms and rules of college football. We could get our time for a 40 yard run and record our vertical jump. The kids sat behind the Home Depot Game Day desk and did a fun broadcast.

The bottom floor had the field. We could throw a 20 yard pass and try to kick a field goal. We also went through an agility course and did a diving catch.

We were going to walk around the city a little more but it started getting pretty dark and was about to rain. So we headed back to the car and the airport. We were going to be a little early to the airport, but weren’t too worried about it.

Then the flight delays started. Our flight kept getting delayed a little more every 10-15 minutes. We had time for a relaxed dinner and walked the terminal a bunch. The plane ended up taking off about two hours late, but I was happy that it wasn’t canceled.

We got home around 12:30 and were happy to be home after a great three days in Atlanta! Unfortunately, one of my ears still hasn’t cleared. I’m hoping that it clears soon!

We decided to purchase the Atlanta CityPass for our trip. We were going to 4 of the included attractions, so it made sense. I loved that with the CityPass we didn’t have to purchase timed tickets. The zoo, aquarium, and Coke are still using a timed ticketing system, but with our tickets we could come at anytime.

Atlanta was a really fun city and we had a blast. We still have a few things that were on the list for this trip that we didn’t get to and somethings that I’d like to do on another trip. With my sister living there, I am hoping we’ll be back again soon! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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    Wow! You all packed in so much fun. I think we’d love all of those places too. The Jumbotron …amazing! Looks like the perfect trip. (& you can definitely pull off the belt bag! I love my Lulu one and Amazon also has so many great options. I love yours! )

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