First Concert Fun – 7/20/22

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great day! Im still sharing the fun we had last week! On Monday, I shared the first half of our Atlanta trip. On Tuesday, I shared the rest of our trip. We were busy on those three days and had a ton of fun!

We rested on Thursday because Friday was the rescheduled Jack Johnson concert. We were supposed to see him last month but he got covid. He was healthy and put on a great show Friday night!

Jeff plays Jack Johnson a lot in the car and we are all fans. The boys really wanted to see him and it made for a super first concert. We checked out some previous set lists and we’re ready for the show.

We got there right when the gates opened so we could get good lawn seats. We took turns staying at the blanket and walking around a bit. The boys got their first concert t-shirts and we played cards for a while.

One of my friends was coming with her sister and nieces and we got to sit together. It was so fun!

The opening act came on about 90 min after gates opened. Handmade Moments is a duo from NOLA that played a ton of instruments, beat boxed, and sang. They were awesome!

Then Jack came on and kids were so excited! we stood and danced. Luke loved hitting the beach balls and balloons that were floating around.

Both kids asked me what that weird smell was. 😂 Welcome to concert life buddies!

They had a signature cocktail that was only available in the reusable tumbler. I went for it and loved it! I’ll share the recipe once I get the measurements figured out.

After an early morning and two late nights, Luke started fading fast.

Everyone rallied for the encore and walked out with a giant smile!

They’ve started looking up local concerts so they can go to more! Apparently Pitbull is playing nearby soon. I’ve seen him and it’s a great show, but im not sure we’ll be taking the boys this time. I headed back to the same venue last night to see my favorite – Jimmy Buffett! 😍 I’ll be back Friday with some favorites from this week, so be sure to come visit! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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