Friday Favorites – 3/27/20

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through a second week of social distancing and staying home! We settled into our learning from home and started to figure out how to manage. Work started to pick up for me on Wednesday and it was definitely challenging to get it all done. I started having beginning of the school year feelings over again – sitting more than I’m used to, doing 5000 things but feeling like I’m accomplishing nothing, some stress nightmares, and also the excitement of something new.

The teachers in my school and my school district are doing just this!
I am so proud of them!!

I’m linking up with Narci and the girls to share my favorites from the week.

Favorite 1: TIME!! We are taking advantage of all the extra time we have with everything canceled. Jeff and I are taking a walk together every single day. We are talking walks as a family every day. We are playing games. We are reading together. We are eating meals together. It’s been so wonderful, most of the time. In real life we all know that there are times when a little space would be nice or everyone isn’t being as lovely as they could be.

Favorite 2: SUNSHINE!! The sunrise yesterday was a great way to start the day! I loved it. My boys have a little sunshine on their cheeks with all the time they are spending outside. My walks and runs in the sun are so good for my soul, attitude, and productivity. I’ve been walking/running at least 5 miles most days outside. The sun feels so good!!

Favorite 3: LEARNING!! Even though I teach my boys at school, I am enjoying taking a more active role in their learning. I love to see how they work through problems and hear their though processes when they are writing. I am loving our conversations each day! The boys have been working in their bedrooms and I am bouncing back and forth during their school time.

Favorite 4: HOME SCHOOL!! Jeff has written his own home school curriculum. He is teaching the boys about great athletes and athletic events that happened before he was born. Last night was the 1998 home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

I am also loving all the memes and funny sayings on social media about home schooling. 😂 😂 😂 Warning – there are a bunch and I just couldn’t choose a few.

Favorite 5: THE CENSUS!! As part of their social studies learning, the boys and I completed the 2020 census this week. We learned about why the census is important, why we are required to participate, and what each question means. It was a great real life social studies lesson.

Goofballs excited to get counted!

Favorite 6: BITMOJI!! I updated my bitmoji to match our current situation. If this was regular spring and I was going to work, I would totally pick this outfit.

But we aren’t. We are home all day every day. I have been rocking my leggings, tank tops, and quarter zips or sweatshirts. So, my bitmoji is rocking the comfy outfits too. I love the new COVID-19 themed stickers.

And a friendly, little reminder for those joining me in wearing nothing but leggings. 😂

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That is it for the week. We are looking forward to a productive weekend at home. My corona to do list is still pretty long. I am also hoping to take some time to read and finish my book.

I hope you have a healthy, safe weekend at home! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    That last meme– yep, that’s me! I always think I am going to do a real deep cleaning of the whole house and definitely blame time for the reason it doesn’t get done.

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