Hello Monday – 3/30/20

Hello to you on Monday! We had a pretty low key weekend – staying home of course – and go a bunch done. It felt so good! We are definitely missing our family and friends but it’s worth it to keep as many people healthy as possible! I’m linking up with the Tanya and the Hello Monday girls.

After a beautiful Friday, I spent both days checking things off my big to do list that I created when I heard we would be off school for two weeks.

The Friday night weather was unbeatable!

I cleaned our house – top to bottom. It is definitely not my favorite thing to do, but we decided to skip having our cleaning crew come right now. They are busy people and in a bunch of different houses. I just felt better having fewer people in our house.

The boys and I cleaned out their dressers, closets, and bookshelves. Jack turned a big corner with this clean out. He threw away a TON of treasures (junk) in an effort to make his room easier to keep neat. Luke made a big leap too, getting rid of a bunch of stuffed animals that he NEVER plays with. That felt great!! They both pulled out their sleeping bags to sleep in Sunday night.

We took a bunch of walks in between the rain storms. Jeff and I are walking about 5 miles every day since we’ve been home. The boys and I all have Adidas cloud foam lite racers and they are so comfy!! I feel like I am walking on little pillows.

I picked up these wipes on Amazon last week to clean our devices. I wipe them with Clorox wipes, but that makes the screens a little sticky. So, I follow up with these alcohol based lens wipes and all of our screens are so much cleaner.

I charged up my old iPad and found some quotes on there that I had forgotten about. I love these! 😍

Jeff’s Home School is still going strong! The boys have learned about Greg Norman, Dennis Rodman, and the 6 OT Big East Tournament game.

We are easing into Google Classroom this week and I am ready to go! I am the only person in my school with Google Classroom training and I’ve had about 1 day of training. Our teachers are being so positive and doing everything they can to reach our kids. Right now, I am doing my best to support everyone I work with and everyone I teach – the whole school! I am so proud of my colleagues and can’t wait to see how well our kiddos do with this. My dining room table desk is ready to go!

I can not repeat it enough. Please stay home! Please wash your hands! Please social distance! (As I type this, I am watching 60 minutes and this pandemic is so serious!!) We have a big day here tomorrow – Jack turns 11! He’s bummed to spend the day with his buds, but he understands that we all want to stay healthy! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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