Monthly Musings – 3/26/20

Hello everyone!! We got some big news yesterday. Maryland public schools will be closed until April 24th. We are moving towards a form of distance learning and there is so much uncertainty still. My job has been changing a bit from media classes with kids at school to a supporting teachers as they learn how to use the new programs and support families. I think once everyone gets up and running I will be able to do more with the kids again, but for now this is my role and I am happy to do it. This week has been eerily similar to the week teachers go back to school – I am sitting a lot more than usual, feeling like I’m doing 5000 things, but not really accomplishing anything big, and tired at the end of the day.

It’s the last Thursday of the month so I am linking up with Holly and Patty to share our answers to a few questions for Monthly Musings. Here we go…

1 – Do you decorate for Easter or spring? You bet I do! I love to bring out all the fun bunnies and Easter baskets. I made these eggs a few years ago and they are one of my favorite decorations.

2 – What spring holidays do you celebrate? We celebrate Easter. We have two birthdays 19 days apart – Happy birthday Jack! Happy birthday Luke! We celebrate Cinco de Mayo big! We celebrate Mother’s Day with our mamas.

We make up our own holidays, too. We celebrate the triple crown – Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont. We celebrate Master’s Sunday. I celebrate School Library Month for the whole month of April.

3 – Do you have any fun spring traditions? We go to Preakness with Jeff’s family each year and it is a blast. My parents spend the day with the boys and they love that too! We do fun Easter egg hunts on Easter. We have fun birthday traditions too. We usually run the Main Street Mile together in the town where I grew up. My mom and I usually take the boys to the local high school play.

My mom and I always take the boys to the Peep Show! We have so much fun!!

4 – Do you have any recipes you make every spring? I made a bunny veggie plate that was so fun! I make deviled eggs way more often in the spring than any other time of year.

5 – Do you switch out any of your decor for spring? I change my wreath on the door to a forsythia wreath and I love it! I love when the forsythia blooms, but it is so short. The wreath keeps those bright, yellow blooms around so much longer!

6 – Do you add in any outdoor spring decorating touches? Nope, but I do want to plant daffodils and tulips this fall.

7 – Do you have a favorite spring cocktail or drink? As the weather gets warmer, I want a Bud Light outside listening to country music. 😂. I also enjoy margaritas in the spring. I just learned about Palomas and I am going to add them to my spring drink menu, with vodka.

8 – Pink, love or hate? ALL THE LOVE!!!

I love pink seersucker!

9 – Favorite spring flower? Daffodils and tulips!! I also love peonies but Jeff is super allergic so I don’t bring them in the house.

10 – Are things blooming where you live? Yes!! They exploded last week and it is so lovely! The trees have blooms on them! The daffodils are blooming! The tulips are blooming! It has been such a lovely addition to our weeks at home!

Have a great day! I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe there are people out there that aren’t social distancing!! Even my bitmoji knows to send love from at least 6 feet!

Stay healthy! Thank you to all the helpers!! We appreciate you more than you could ever know!!

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Thanks for linking up Sarah! As I wrote to Patty, I am so jealous that everything is in bloom down there! We got another round of snow here if you can believe it – ugh! Loved reading about your favorite events and blooms- gave me inspiration 🙂

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