Declare It Day – 3/24/20

Happy Tuesday! I am finally getting around to sharing our Declare It Day breakfast. To remind you, Declare It Day is always the first Saturday in February. It is hosted by Fellow Flowers. To take it from the Fellow Flowers website, “It is a day to declare a goal that gets you feeling your best and nudges you closer to your full potential”. They really say it best!

I have been celebrating Declare It Day for years! In 2016, I first celebrated by running with Jamie and we declared our goals to each other.

In 2017, I had Jamie and Sarah over to move our bodies, eat a yummy breakfast, and declare our new goals.

In 2018, I had a bunch of girlfriends over to move our bodies, eat a yummy breakfast, and declare our goals.

Last year, I had a bunch of girlfriends over to move our bodies, eat a yummy dinner, and declare our goals.

This year, I invited a bunch of girlfriends over for breakfast. I love a breakfast party. I think the food is easier and it is something different. We get together in the evening often, so breakfast is fun change. (FYI – I do not love brunch at all. I think it messes up the eating schedule for the whole day. I am happy to have a breakfast party, but never a brunch.)

The theme for Declare It Day this year is Brave Enough. As in what are you brave enough to do this year? Usually Fellow Flowers sells a shirt/tank/sweatshirt for the theme and I have it for the party. This year they did it a little differently, but I found my Stay Brave tank top in my drawer and it was perfect for the morning. I was rocking my 2020 earrings from Cora’s Den on etsy to set our big goals!

The color is teal and I found these cute paper spheres and banners at Wal-mart, so cheap and easy. The BRAVE banner was originally a “Best Day Ever” wedding banner. Presto change-o.

I used the white flowered tablecloth my grandmother gave me for one of my showers and it was so nice to think of her as I was setting up for the party. I love any thing that reminds me of Mommom.

For breakfast, I made three easy dishes. I had a bunch of fresh fruit cut up for a make your own fruit salad. I made a yummy egg bake with red and green bell peppers and jalapeño peppers for a little kick. I also made a sausage and cream cheese mix in a crescent roll braid. It is so easy and so yummy!

We also had mimosas, because what good is breakfast with girlfriends if you don’t have a mimosa?!?

I found some cute folders for the girls to inspire them to be brave.

In those folders, I put 2 quotes to inspire my friends as we were setting goals.

We had a bunch of blank declarations and fun pens to get started declaring all the big stuff we were ready to accomplish.

I wrote two goals – I declared to end my run streak on day 1200 and I declared to say no now so I can say yes later.

I am trying to stick to these goals. I was feeling so confident about ending my run streak on day 1200 but now I’m getting a little nervous about what that will look like now that we are all at home. Running is a huge stress reliever for me and these staying home, social distancing, working and learning at home days are pretty stressful!

My intentions in my goal of saying no now so I can say yes later are to stop shopping for things I really don’t need and to work on eating a little healthier. Say no to those tempting, satisfying now things and enjoy the bigger delayed gratification. I feel like one month isn’t quite enough time to judge how that is going. I am definitely trying, but I am still catching myself doing things that don’t really contribute to my long term goals.

It was a lovely morning with my girlfriends! We missed you girls that couldn’t make it! It’s not too late to declare a goals! What are you brave enough to try?

My cozy sweatshirt came in a few days later.

I know I sound like a broken record, but stay home, wash your hands and stay healthy! Thank you to everyone who has to be out there keeping shelves stocked, saving lives, and putting yourselves at risk to keep everyone else safe! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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