Jeff’s Home School Curriculum

While we are home from school during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jeff is teaching Jack and Luke. He decided that this time would be perfect to educate the boys on great athletes and moments in sports that happened before they were born. Here’s what they are learning.

Lesson 1: The Fab Five

Lesson 2: Arnold and Jack playing Pinehurst #2 on Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf

Lesson 3: The 1999 Ryder Cup, arguably the biggest US comeback in Ryder Cup history with the worst shirts ever!

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Lesson 4: 1990 UNLV Running Rebels basketball team and 1992 Kentucky vs Duke basketball game

Lesson 5: 2008 Beijing Olympics – US men’s 400 meter freestyle relay 🥇 and men’s 100 meter butterfly 🥇. Micheal Phelps was the athlete, but Rowdy Gaines and his telestrator are always the stars of Olympic swimming replays!

Lesson 6: NBA players Pistol Pete Maravich and the amazing passes of Jason Williams

Lesson 7: NCAA buzzer beaters

Lesson 8: the 2008 US Open – Tiger vs Rocco. 4 amazing rounds plus an 18 hole playoff round

Lesson 9: Game 7 of the 1992 NCLS Braves win in a walk off