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A few weeks ago I went to another Favorite Things Party. The girls that I was running the half-marathon in Delaware decided that our race weekend would be a fun time to have a Favorite Things Party.  As a reminder, here’s how it works. Everyone brings multiples of their one favorite thing.  There is a price limit that we all try to stick to.  When it is your turn to reveal your favorite thing, you tell a little story or explain why it’s your favorite.

This time there were five of us so we each brought 4 of our favorite things and each person got one of everyone’s favorite thing.  Picking my favorite thing was a little trickier this time because the girls read my Favorite Things post and we already recommend a lot of things to each other.  One day it just came to me, our party was in April and the weather was starting to warm up.  We were all breaking out our whites, as I call my super pale legs, and in need of a little sunshine. I decided to bring my favorite self-tanner. It doesn’t streak, it turns me the perfect light brown, and it has a pleasant smell.


My friend, Jessica, who sells Rodan+Fields calls me Magda from Something About Mary so she was really giggling when I bough 4 at one time.  The girls seemed to love it and have been using it. I am calling it a successful Favorite Things pick.


I have been watching these wine tumblers on Etsy and I love them!  It keeps my drink so cold and looks so cute in my hand! And you know that anything monogrammed or personalized is an instant favorite of mine! I love the color and can’t wait to drink some wine on Kourtni’s patio with these girlfriends!


Inside the tumbler, I found delicious Dove chocolates! Yum!


Full disclosure: The tumbler was full when we got it, I may have eaten one or two before taking the picture. 😂

My friend Erin is a TJ Maxx wonder! She can walk in there and find the cutest outfit, swimsuit, shoes, purse, the list goes on and on!


She gave us these bags (I absolutely love the print of mine!) and this fabulous shampoo and conditioner.  It make my hair feel so soft and healthy! She also added Jujyfruits becaus she has a sweet tooth, just like me, and loves these chewy candies.


This adorable gift had two great treasures in it.


My new favorite, as in I use it everyday, face wash and dry shampoo. I seriously LOVE this face wash. It is gentle but slightly exfoliating. My face feels super clean but not tight or dry afterwards.  I became an instant fan!


I’ve never used dry shampoo before because my hair doesn’t usually get oily. But I have been curious to try one to see if it would help with my frizz. I wasn’t sure where to start, so thank goodness Jodi shared her favorite.  It helps to extend my blowout and smells fabulous!


The next favorite things gift was a bag full of tasty treats! I am always looking for slightly healthier tasty treats and Sandra nailed this one. I love everything in her favorite things and tried some new treats. Jeff tried some of these too and was thrilled to find new gluten free treats.

After a few Favorite Things parties, I have to say that my favorite part is hanging out with my girlfriends and learning something new about each of them. I love the girls that I celebrate Favorite Things with and usually their favorites become my new favorites too!


We had a great Favorite Things weekend!

Have a great Thursday! I am going to be spending it doing my favorite things – reading, running, playing at the pool with friends and kiddos, and watching baseball!

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