Friday Favorites – 11/18/22

Happy Friday! This was a good week with some chilly weather! I have some favorite things to share with you so let’s get to it!

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I went away with some girlfriends last weekend and we had the best time. We stayed oceanfront and soaked up the view from sun up to sun down. On Saturday evening, we had our favorite things party. I love favorite things parties!!

This is the 8th Favorite Things party that I have attended. This year I gave three things that I use every single day and bring me so much joy.

I have this felt ball trivet sitting on my dining room table all year long and use it every dat. It is so bright and cheerful and it makes me smile!

I use both of these in the shower every morning. The little pink disc claims to be an exfoliating but I use it to massage my face wash and get a gentle scrubbing. The purple disc seems like a medieval torture device, but it is great for giving my hair body and getting my scalp good and clean. I put my shampoo in and then give my scalp a scrub before rinsing my hair.

Jamie gave us all shampoo and conditioner bars. I can’t wait to try them and they’ll be great for traveling!

Kerry gave us these lovely neck wraps and light bulbs. The light bulb will make the room cozy and soft lit to enjoy!

Sarah gave us these beautiful Salisbury pewter bracelets. Each one has different flowers for our birthday month.

Kara gave us these fun calendars for a little levity each day next year.

Julie gave us Himalayan salt lamps. I’ve always wanted to try one!

Sam gave us these fun bracelet key holders! These are the perfect colors for me and they came in a cute scout bag!

Lindsay gave us a beachy Christmas ornament and laundry soap. These will be great for traveling, too!

If you’ve never been to a favorite things party, they are so much fun. They’re inspired by Oprah’s Favorite Things shows. Everyone brings a set number of their favorite things and shares with the other guests. Since there are only 8 of us, we each bring 7 of them so everyone gets one. At larger parties, I’ve brought 5 and come home with 5 other people’s favorite things.

Here’s a recap of my favorite things:

7th Favorite Things party – Trader Joe’s citrusy garlic seasoning and Olive & June Pink Sands nail polish and top coat

6th Favorite Things party – personalized and signed Elin Hilderbrand novels and Cora’s Den Christmas lights earrings

5th Favorite Things party — monogrammed bracelets and glitter earrings (similar)

4th Favorite Things party – Rodan and Fields sunless tanner

3rd Favorite Things partyLilly pen and notebook

2nd Favorite Things party – Dammit Dolls

1st Favorite Things party – Lilly stemless wine glasses

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Have you ever had a favorite things party? They are so fun! I highly recommend hosting some friends and giving it a try. We have a very low key weekend and I’m hoping to get our outside lights up on Sunday. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Lauren says:

    My friends and I have been talking about doing a Favorite Things party for years but haven’t done it. We need to just pick a day and make it happen!

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