Favorite Things Party 3 – 2/4/19

Happy Monday!! I am so excited to be sharing one of my favorite kinds of parties today – a Favorite Things Party!! I am linking up with Heather, Lindsay, Johannah, and Tanya to say Hello Monday with a party recap!

Just so everyone is on the same page, a favorite things party is inspired by the one and only OPRAH and her favorite things episodes. She picks her favorite things of the year and gives them to everyone in the audience. I brought her favorite things issue of the magazine along for some themed reading.

This is my fifth Favorite Things party! I am already looking forward to the sixth one. It isn’t planned yet, but I just love Favorite Things parties!!

In the past, we brought 5 of our favorite things and go home with 1 of 5 different people’s favorite things. This year we decided to bring 7 of our favorite things so everyone got 1 of everyone’s favorite thing.

These fabulous girls brought their fabulous favorite things to share and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’m going to share the girls’ favorite things from left to right. Here we go!

Sarah gave us all a Wet brush and a canvas with pictures of our loved ones. She loves the Wet brush because it doesn’t pull or break her hair and gets all the tangles out easily. I haven’t used a brush in my entire adult life, so I am excited to give it a try! Sarah also loves to craft. I love that her favorite things to give us gave her joy! This picture is one of my favorites! This was such a fun day. Jeff coached Luke and Jack in baseball. Jack got to play in the all-star game. I loved cheering for my boys with my red, white, and blue hair scarf. Everyone got a delicious snowball after the games. And then we headed to the pool for a great afternoon! It was one of my favorite days!!

Julie gave us these awesome t-shirts. It is seriously one of the softest t-shirts I own. I love the colors and the message. I wore it all day Sunday and felt like a total bad @ss. 😊

Julie also gave us one of these fabulous notecards. She painted it and designed it. Julie’s creates notecards for her company Rearview Designs. You may notice that the flowers look like they could be a rear πŸ˜‰ because she does use her bottom as part of each design. It is so perfectly Julie and I love the card! I think I am going to frame it!!

Sam’s favorite thing was a hat. The hat is so warm and cozy but it has a bigger message! One of her dear friends opened a boutique, Hope, in honor of her young daughter who has already beat cancer TWICE! A fierce little girl winning that battle twice is always a favorite!!

Jamie gave us these beautiful earrings. She picked out a few different pairs but I think I got the perfect ones for me! They are from a company called Trades of Hope. This company works with women artisans in difficult situations. They sell the artisans’ items and the women earn money to put food on the table, a roof over their head, get medical care, and provide an education for their children. Jamie feels strongly about helping women, being an independent woman, and great jewelry from India. I love her favorite thing!!

Kara’s favorite thing comes from one of her favorite people, her brother-in-law. I got a book holder and I LOVE IT!! The bright colors and the flowers are gorgeous! It is perfect when I go to the gym! It holds my book and my pouch with headphones, chapstick, keys, tissues, and my phone. I like to keep my books in mint condition and this book cover is just the thing I never knew I needed! Exactly what a perfect thing should be! You should check out Kara’s brother-in-law’s Etsy shop, Ghost and the Cloud. Some girls got cosmetic pouches that he made and they are amazing! He also makes hankies and beautiful leather totes and purses! Everything is fully customizable and the quality is top notch!

Kerry gave us Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. This book is about making or breaking habits to make your life better. A few years ago Kerry loaned me Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project and it was a great read that opened my eyes to being really happy. Kerry put quotes on everyone’s cover that spoke to her from this book. I loved hearing everyone’s quotes and Kerry’s reasons for picking them. The amazing thing about habits is that they can be so powerful, they drive our days, and sometimes I don’t even take note of my habits. I am excited to read this book and see how it can change me for the better. We also took Gretchen Rubin’s quiz about Four Tendencies. After everyone took the quiz, we went around and guessed what everyone was. I am an Upholder. Here are the tendencies:

Lindsay had a bunch of favorite things for us.

These cozy socks are the perfect thing for all this freezing weather we’ve had lately! They are soft, warm, and so cute!

One of her friends makes these adorable bath bombs. I am so excited to try it! I haven’t ever used a bath bomb and Lindsay was shocked when I told her. As an every day runner she said the peppermint and Epsom salts would be perfect for a day when my legs were tired and sore. This bath bomb is all natural and homemade. I have big plans to soak in the tub on our next snow day!

One of Lindsay’s new favorite things is her Cricut. She’s learning how to use it and made us this fun Christmas ornament and card. 2 years ago Kerry gave us Christmas ornaments and Lindsay loved thinking about our group of friends each year when she hung it up. I totally agree!! Hanging Christmas ornaments is one of my favorite things because I get to relive all the fun memories that inspired each ornament!

Last but not least, my favorite things.

I love a monogram and some fun jewelry so when I saw these bracelets, I knew they were my favorite thing. Each of us got one with our monogram on it. You can wear each bracelet on its own or stacked together.

I also found these earrings that combine two of my favorite things, one old and one new.

I have loved glitter for a VERY LONG TIME!! Anytime I can share my glitter love with good friends, I do! The other part of my favorite thing is dangly earrings. I call them pirate earrings because for the longest time if I wore something bigger than a stud I felt like a pirate. It’s ridiculous, but it’s how I felt. I’ve been trying to broaden my jewelry horizons and discovered leather earrings. I love that they are kinda big but not heavy at all. These ears aren’t used to anything heavy! Each girl got a pair and it just so happened that there was one set left for me. Hooray!

I hope you enjoyed our favorite things! You may even find a new favorite thing here too!!

Here is a picture from my very first Favorite Things Party. I brought stemless, acrylic Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses. They are still a favorite thing and I used them on Saturday night.

The second Favorite Things Party was before I started blogging. I brought Dammit Dolls. I think they are so funny and a great way to get out some frustration quickly.

The third Favorite Things Party I attended is here. I brought Lilly Pulitzer pens and notebooks. I love a purse notebook and a fun pen to write with.

My fourth Favorite Things Party I attended is here. I brought Rodan and Fields self-tanner. It is still my favorite self-tanner. I use it all the time for a little summer glow!

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  1. Lauren Becker says:

    I’ve done one Favorite Things party, but unfortunately, not a lot of people could go, so I really want to try doing it again in the future. I love that you all decided to do 7 gifts so everybody got one of each. Some really cute items here! I love the book Better Than Before, so that’s a fun idea!


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