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I don’t know about you but I loved Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes. She always found the coziest, coolest, cutting edge things that I instantly decided I “needed” to have, or at least add to my Christmas list.

After Oprah stopped having her Favorite Things episodes, my friend Sarah started having Favorite Things parties and I LOVE them!  Here’s how they work: We set a dollar limit (usually $10-$15) and everyone brings 5 of their one favorite thing.  Each person’s name is written on 5 little pieces of paper. You get 5 names, not your own, and those 5 people get your favorite thing. We distribute our favorite things one at a time and explain why it is your favorite, tell a little story about it, share a way to use it, etc.

We all know it is not a party without tasty treats.  Sometimes the host makes their favorite snacks and other times everyone brings a favorite dish to share.

I have been to 3 favorite things parties and have found new favorites at each one.  The first party I attended had about 15 people and I only knew a few of them.  This was so cool because we all had very different favorite things. I brought stemless Lilly Pulitzer acrylic wine glasses.  I love them because they don’t break and Lilly prints make me smile! I drink water, juice, Diet Coke, iced tea, and wine out of mine.


I came home that year with bean soup mixes, a cookie press, earrings from Francesca’s ( a new to me store), a jar of Nutella, and a glitter wine glass!

The second time I attended Sarah’s Favorite Things party I knew all of the girls.  We are a group of friends that met in elementary school, high school, or college.  We always have the best conversations, biggest laughs, and most wonderful time together!  I brought one of my favorites, a dammit doll.


Dammit Dolls make me giggle and are a great way to get out a little frustration. Just bang it on your bed until you are a little calmer and ready to tackle life. 🙂 After this party, I came home with a fun, flirty apron, soft cozy socks and scratch off tickets, a gratitude journal and a framed inspirational quote, a starfish ornament and Orange Zest Tea (caffeine free but citrusy enough to wake me up – A NEW FAVORITE), and a new body lotion that smelled divine!

The third Favorite Things party was just a few weeks ago.  We were away on a girls weekend and decided to do it then.  It was so fun because we had all day/night to enjoy our favorite things.  This year my favorite thing was a 6”x8” notebook and fun pen.  I keep this notebook in my purse all the time and it is full of lists, notes, reminders, and random thoughts.  It is a favorite thing to keep me on track all the time. I know some of you are saying, but don’t you have your phone, use that for lists.  I just don’t love that. I am a paper/pencil girl and am going to resist giving up paper for a very long time.  I picked up Lilly Pulitzer notebooks and pens for everyone.


I had both design of notebooks and the girls got to pick their pen to go along with it. I am almost through my current notebook and can’t wait to use one of these fun designs!

As we were opening up presents, we realized that everyone else seemed pick things that related to pampering and taking care of ourselves.  Here are the favorite things that I came home with this year.


I mentioned this blanket in Friday Favorites and it really is a favorite.  Everyone in my house loves it! It is soft and cozy and perfect for a freezing rainy day like today.  I plan on spending plenty of time with that blanket and a book on the couch today!


These goodies came wrapped up together as a cozy package.  The socks are so soft and warm.  The happiness body wash is a perfect wake up for these dark, cold, winter mornings.  And tucked in there behind the body wash is a Barnes and Noble gift card with some coloring for staying calm.


A body brush for dry brushing. I have never tried it but have always been intrigued. Our friend Sam taught us how to brush and some of the benefits. I haven’t used it yet because I was trying to prolong my Mexican tan, but I can’t wait to try it now.


This has to be the most delicious cup of hot chocolate I have ever had! I totally understand why it was Kara’s favorite thing.  She talked about how cozy a hot drink can be and how you can even drink this at night because it won’t keep you awake. We have an icy day off school today and I plan on making some hot chocolate this afternoon with my book and that cozy blanket above!


I had never tried anything from Lush, but consider me a new fan! This lotion is amazing! It makes my skin so soft and smells heavenly! I can’t wait to get to a mall and see what other wonders this store has to offer!

In addition to all of these favorite things, our friend Sam made these essential oils goodie boxes:


I’ve never tried essential oils so this feels like the perfect way to give it a shot.  A foot balm, a shower scrub, a tummy roller, and more.  The box smells wonderful and I can’t wait to give them all a try.

So that’s it! That is how we do a Favorite Things party.  Next year we are going to bring our favorite things for everyone, not just 5 people, because it won’t cost too much more and then we can all enjoy each other’s favorite things!  I hope you have one with your friends! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions of how to do one.


Book Update:

Personal: Things You Won’t Say by Sarah Pekkanen

School: Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke

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