Friday Favorites – 2/9/18

img_0001-1Hi! I can’t believe it is Friday already. I’m joining Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites. We had a short school week with “snow” days on Monday and Wednesday.  It was all freezing rain and ice so the boys and I found things to do inside to entertain ourselves.  I have a few favorites to share, so here we go.

Favorite 1 – THE OLYMPICS!!!!  The Olympics are my ultimate favorite and they are here!!  I seriously love everything about them.1F9FA697-99DB-40B5-A9E4-E042FFD88258  I got sucked into the coverage on Thursday night and didn’t get to the treadmill until almost 9:30 pm.  Way to late for a good run, but enough to keep the streak alive. I am pretty strict about an early bed time for my kids because we have to be at school at 7:15 am.  However, when you add the Olympics to the mix, early bedtimes are out the window.  I loved Bob Costas’ coverage and commentary on the Olympics, but I am looking forward to Mike Tirico’s take on it all.



Favorite 2 – Opening Ceremony (Olympic Favorite 2)! I can’t wait to watch the Opening Ceremony tonight!  I love the pure joy and excitement on the athletes’ faces in the parade of athletes, the pride on the flag bearers’ faces, the glimpse into the host country’s culture, and building excitement for the next 17 days.  There have been so many amazing moments in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics that I am excited to see what tonight holds.  The big ones that come to mind are the drums in Beijing (Summer 2008), the bow and arrow lighting the torch (Summer 1992), Muhammad Ali (Summer 1996), the blowy things that are now at every car wash/dealership/etc (Winter 1994, I think).

Favorite 3 – Declare It Day is a big favorite. I love it because I love the Fellow Flowers running group, I love spending time with my girlfriends, and I love that reminder that we are all there to support each other’s goals! I had 5 girls with me this year and am sending out a few more “rockstar” packets out to those who couldn’t make it. I am almost one week in and have read 2 books and done my one strength workout.


Favorite 4 – The excitement of an upcoming race is one of my favorites! I have two, maybe 3, races coming up! I just committed to running my 3rd 1/2 marathon.  I am running the Coastal Delaware 1/2 marathon and I am hoping it is pretty flat!  There will be five us running and we are currently debating if we want to do the 5K the day before. I am trying to decide what training plan I want to follow. I have had good success with Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 and Novice 2 plans. I am leaning towards Novice 2 because I have run 1/2 marathons before.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Favorite 5 – Super Bowl Sunday! My team, the Panthers, didn’t make it to the Super Bowl but it was still a favorite because of these snuggles right here…

The Halftime show was amazing and I think I need to go see Justin Timberlake in concert very soon! I love his songs and dancing! My favorite commercial was the Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Junior Dirty Dancing commercial.  Oh, it was so funny!

Favorite 6 – The Wife Between Us was so good and I must name it a favorite. I finished it on Sunday. Holy cow, the twists just kept coming! It was suspenseful, but not nightmare inducing. I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a great new book!  I also read “Things We Won’t Say” by Sarah Pekkanen this week and enjoyed it. This was more like Sarah’s other books and it was a good read.


That’s it for the week. Have a great weekend! We have another sports filled weekend – Jack’s indoor soccer season starts and both boys have basketball games.  Of course we’ll be watching all the Olympics that we possibly can!


Currently Reading:

Personal: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

School: The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

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