10 Pictures from the 10th of the Month

Hi everyone! I saw this idea on another blog and thought it would be great for my first day in the life post.  The 10th of the month has a special place in my ♥️.  Jeff and I got married on June 10th and the whole year before my mom gave me a special little gift on the 10th of the month.  I loved it and now every 10th of the month, I think of that fun year and smile! February 10th was a Saturday so at the Parsons’ house that means sports, sports, and more sports.  So here we go 10 pictures from the 10th of the month…

So, I’m breaking the 10 pictures rule from the beginning 🙂 Jack had his first indoor soccer game of the season Saturday morning. We headed to Soccerdome to cheer him on when he played on the field and in the goal. He had a great game!  It was fun to see the soccer moms again and Luke was thrilled to be back with the Little Brother Brigade again.

After Jack’s soccer game we came home and the kids watched the Opening Ceremony from the night before. I was loving watching it for a second time!

AFC9FDAC-2970-4B95-967B-CE4CAA8E0FFALuke was so excited to see USA walk in that he asked to eat lunch while watching.  Of course I said yes! My Olympic love runs deep and I am so happy that the boys are loving it too!

This is where we had to divide and conquer the sports for the rest of the afternoon. Jack and Luke both had basketball games at 3:00 in different towns and Jeff helps to coach both teams.  We decided that Jeff would take Jack to basketball and I would take Luke. So this is where the Jack pictures end for the day. Jeff’s not a big picture taker and he was coaching so not an opportune moment to take pictures.


Look at that defensive stance!  Way to go Luke!  He played a great game with rebounds, passes, and a basket for his team! My dad came to cheer him on and it was so good to talk with him too!

We came home after the game and Luke asked for some iPad time while I was going through the mail.  The kids can’t play on their iPads on school days so they really enjoy it on the weekend. I love how curly his hair gets when it is a little longer!C17E0422-C26B-4FE6-9BEA-FEB898C77A9A

He was happily playing so I decided to try to get my run in. I started a little later than I’d hoped so I didn’t get all 6 miles in at once. And that was a long time for Luke to be entertaining himself on his iPad.


My plan was 6 miles and I finished after the kids went to bed.  Jack and Jeff headed to indoor baseball practice after the basketball game so Luke and I went out to dinner. It was his choice and he picked the only pizza place in town that he likes. This is a very new thing for Luke to eat pizza and he only likes white pizza.


When it is just Luke and me at dinner, he likes me to read to him. So I tucked Sunset on the Sabertooth by Mary Pope Osborne in my purse before we left.  We read a few chapters while we waited for our pizza and salad.  I love reading with Luke. He’s doing so well and we often share the reading. He loves the Magic Tree House series and this was number 7.


Our weather was TERRIBLE on Saturday. It was so super rainy and a little chilly.  This picture is after I finished my 6 miles. I love this new Lilly exercise top that I picked up when we were visiting my sister over Thanksgiving.  I always try to be in a Sunny State of Mind and it was perfect for a rainy Saturday.

Jack and Jeff came home, the boys took showers after all the sports, and went to bed.  I put on my Winter Olympics Viewing Pajamas and parked it on the couch to watch the prime time Olympic coverage.  I am not kidding when I say that I watch as much Olympic coverage as possible. I love it all!!


My mom gave these to my sister and I as our Christmas Eve pjs last year, but they really are perfect for cheering the USA on in the Winter Olympics.  They are super comfy and show my USA pride!

While I was sitting on the couch, a group of girlfriends and I decided it was time to register for that half marathon we’ve been talking about.  And I convinced everyone that we needed to try something new…


A two run challenge!!  I have never run 2 races at the same running festival and I really wanted to try it.  So many people in the online running groups I am a member of have done the back to back races at runDisney events and I’ve been thinking about trying it.   I am so excited about the challenge and doing this with friends gives me a little more confidence. Here’s the half marathon course:


I am excited to run my 3rd half marathon in another coastal area (#2 was in Virginia Beach) and really hoping for very little wind! It looks super flat (hooray!!) and beautifully scenic!!  I love Grotto Pizza and am already looking forward to enjoying a slice or 3 after the run is finished. After registering, I headed to bed to keep reading my book and watching the Olympics!

So there you have it.  My first 10 on the 10th post. I think I’ll do one next month too. It was nice to have a little structure for a day in the life post.  Have a great day!


Currently Reading:

Personal: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

School: Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke (2nd time), The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary


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