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I am joining up with some other bloggers (see links at the bottom) to share a little bit about my loves today with Valentine’s Day so close!  Here we go…

My first love is this guy:


My husband Jeff is the perfect match for me!  He is my one true love and always up for the adventures I have in mind with a little bit of convincing.  That picture for is the perfect example, we were in Vegas to celebrate our anniversary and I wanted to renew our vows with Elvis.  It was cheesy and fun and look at the fabulous pictures we got!

Jeff is a family man who loves spending time with our boys and me.  He loves to play, coach, and watch sports.  He is very quickly instilling this love of sports in our boys.  Luckily, I love sports too!  He encourages me to achieve my goals and does everything he can to make it possible.  Now that our boys are a little older, Jeff and I have taken a few trips recently and he is my most favorite traveling partner!!

My next love is Jack.


Jack is almost 9 and the sportiest kid I know.  He is happiest when he is playing a sport.  Right now, he plays travel soccer, travel basketball, travel baseball, and on a winter swim team.  I am shaking my head right now too. What 8 year old needs to be doing that much??? Jack does and he LOVES it!  Luckily all of his coaches are friends and they all have the mindset that your first priority is the sport that is in season.  Jack has a bunch of buddies on all of his teams and he is having so much fun this year.  I really don’t think he can play enough.  The second we get home in the afternoon he rushes to unpack his book bag and gets out back as soon as possible.  I can find him playing golf, soccer, football, basketball, or baseball in the backyard. When it’s rainy or just too cold to go outside, he’s inside playing basketball, watching sports, or reading about sports.

Jack’s big love is sports but he is also a family kid.  He loves to spend time with us and do family things together. Jack loves family games like Life, Rummikub, Racko, and Clue.  He’s a great big brother to Luke. He tries to teach him everything and includes him in every situation.  Jack holds my hand, snuggles in our bed in the morning, and loves to tell me about his day.

Luke is my littlest love.


He is almost 7.  We say that he is the happiest kid to be anywhere.  He is so excited about everything he does.  He loves to play sports with his big brother, but he also loves playing guys (action figures) and cars, doing puzzles, and reading.  If I am in bed when he wakes up, he always climbs in to snuggle.  Luke has no fear and doesn’t ever think that he could get hurt doing something.  At one point, he had more black eyes that haircuts.  That lack of fear has given him so much confidence and always has him keeping up with his big brother. Luke is reading like crazy and has fantastic voice in his writing.  He’s a toothless little guy right now with 3 of his 4 front teeth out now.

I work at the boys’ school so sneak peeks of my loves is a fun treat throughout the day.  I also get to teach both of them once a week and I love it!  These two are pretty great brothers! They are each other’s partner on the all of our adventures!

These are my people!  They are the ones that make my days bright and my heart smile!

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  1. johannahsirois says:

    This was such a fun post to write about! You have an adorable family Sarah! Your boys love for sports is great! And how fun to renew your vows in Vegas with Elvis! love it!!!

  2. notinjersey says:

    I think it’s great that your son does so many sports! It’s really good for him. My only kid who does a sport is my daughter who dances. My boys have both tried sports and never stuck with them!

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