Friday Favorites – 2/16/18

img_0001-1I am joining Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites. This was a great week and 5 days of school will hopefully help us launch back into a regular routine. I hope everyone had a great week too!  Here are my favorites of the week:

Favorite 1 – A great dress and weather warm enough to wear it is a favorite.  Thursday’s weather in Maryland was beautiful!!  It was in the high 60’s and the sun was shining.  I threw this swing dress from the Loft on. The fun pattern and super comfy cut made it perfect for a long day. We had a regular day of school and conferences afterwards.



Favorite 2 – Gold, sparkly nails. I finally got my gel manicure taken off and decided to embrace my Olympic spirit and go for the gold!  I love sparkly, neutral nails so this color is big favorite!  A manicure is a treat that I love – the hand massage, perfectly shaped nails, and some quiet time just for me make it a favorite!


Favorite 3 – The Olympics! My Olympic devotion is still going strong over here. I have been wearing the colors of the Olympic Rings or USA each day. I have been staying up WAY TOO LATE to watch as much as I possibly can.  We’ve been talking about it at work, home, and anywhere else I may go.  I’ve also been showing my Olympic spirit with these Alex and Ani bracelets. I love the jingle they make when my arms move around.


Favorite 4 – Valentine’s Day in elementary school. One of the reasons I love working in an elementary school because I can wear any holiday gear I want to and no one bats an eye.   I love this hearts sweater from the Gap Outlet, my Fellow Flowers “Just Love” T-shirt, and my xoxo shirt.  It was a fun week to get dressed for school.

Favorite 5 – Valentine’s Day surprises. My kids are back to loving Pokémon cards.  I found a good deal on Pokémon and they both got 2 boxes with EXs, Megas, and Mega Exs.  I don’t see the appeal, but they love them and I love seeing joy in my kiddos eyes!

Favorite 6 – New Dinners. Jeff is avoiding wheat and gluten until he gets an official allergy diagnosis next month so my cooking has changed quite a bit.  I reworked my stuffed peppers recipe this weekend and it was so yummy!  A little cheese, my taco seasoning, ground chicken, and some taco fixin’s in a bell pepper shell was a total favorite.


Favorite 7 – One on One Time. Last Saturday I got to spend some time with just Luke and this Saturday I have some time with just Jack. As we get busier, I think its more important for us to have one on one time with each kiddo.  Jeff and I both enjoy it and I think the boys do too.  They get to pick everything that we do.


Favorite 8 – Half-Marathon Training. This one is an almost favorite. I am starting to train for my 3rd 1/2 marathon. I have been enjoying running whatever distance fit into my schedule or felt good, but now its time to train for something.  So half marathon, here I come. I am embracing my inner rockstar and keeping my black flower with me!


Favorite 9 – Girlfriends. My friend Kelly sent me this sign at work the other day. It is perfect! In case you don’t know, I LOVE GLITTER!! I love the sparkles and I love that glitter sticks around forever!  This sign made me smile so much and I love looking at it every time I sit at my desk!


That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend!  We have a fun weekend of basketball and indoor soccer planned. We are supposed to get some snow Saturday night and I am looking forward to it!


Currently Reading:

Personal: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan (I am almost done)

School: The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary (rereading to create our school wide book club reading guide)

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  1. Alex MS says:

    I loooove the floral print on that dress. Loft has the best stuff (they currently have a great sale going on that I bet will last through Monday!). A 3rd half marathon?! That’s amazing. The idea of running one has recently piqued my interest so I look forward to hearing about your experience with training if you plan on sharing!

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