Friday Favorites – 6/29/18

It’s summer Friday and I am loving it!  I created a facebook page for my blog Sunshine and Books. I’d love it if you’d click the link and like the page for updates and other  sunshine and books fun! I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week.


Favorite 1: VOTING!! I love to vote and I am a big encourager of voting.  I always do my best to learn about the candidates and make the best choices to align with my priorities. But my biggest priority is taking advantage of my civic right and doing my civic responsibility by VOTING!! I always take my kids and I let them see how a ballot works and tell them that I am picking the candidates based on my priorities and who I think will do the best job in our government. At our voting poll, the election judges are always so friendly to the kids and talk to them about how important it is to vote when they are 18. My boys love to vote now too! Starting ‘em young…


Favorite 2: BASKETBALL CAMP!! Jack and Luke are going to basketball camp at our local high school. The camp is 2 hours in the afternoon and they are having a blast.  They both have a bunch of friends in camp and have smiles on their faces the whole time. Well, let’s be honest, I only see them at the beginning and the end and they’re smiling then.  I have been enjoying myself at the pool while they are at camp. I am reading my book (The Ever After by Sarah Pekkanan), laying on my belly, and not looking at the pool for 2 hours. It has been truly amazing!! They will most definitely be doing this camp again next year!


Go Jack!


Go Luke!


Jack kept practicing his skills during the water break.

Favorite 3: GIRLFRIENDS!! I have been thinking about my girlfriends a lot this summer. I haven’t seen them a ton, but I have been using their favorite things. Each time I use someone’s favorite thing, I think of them and get a big smile on my face.  These girls shared their favorite things at a January Favorite Things Party and an April Favorite Things Party. Right now, I am snuggling under this blanket from Jamie.

January Favorite Things


January Favorite Things Girlfriends

April Favorite Things


April Favorite Things Girlfriends

Favorite 4: WORLD CUP!! The Parsons have been watching a lot of soccer and loving the World Cup. I ordered this book from Amazon for the boys and they have been reading it over and over again.


I have been reminiscing about our honeymoon to the Canary Islands and Barcelona because we were there for the 2006 World Cup.  We had so much fun finding a bar with fans from the countries that were playing while we were there.  My favorites that pop into my mind are The Penalty Spot in Fuertaventura and an Australian bar on Las Ramblas in Barcelona.


Jeff and I at The Penalty Spot in Fuertaventura, Canary Islands.

Favorite 5: GOLF!! Jack played in the Drive, Chip, and Putt competition last Friday and had the best time! The weather was so rainy but it couldn’t dampen his excitement.  He has been playing golf in the backyard non-stop since Friday.  We have a golf hole in our yard and Jeff mowed a green around the hole for him too.  We are headed to the Quicken Loans National golf tournament this morning. Jack went last year but this will be Luke’s first PGA tournament. They are both pretty excited! I haven’t been to a tournament in a long time and am really looking forward to it.


Favorite 6: SUMMER!! Our mornings have been a little more rushed that I was hoping for because Jack’s swim team practice is an hour earlier this summer. But I am trying to make the best of it. The boys’ practices are at different times so I get about an hour of one on one time with both of them. I rarely get to be with just one kiddo and I am really enjoying it.  We have been mixing it up between errands (booo!), reading at the pool together, and running on the track together.  I appreciate the time with each of my buddies!


We have a fun summer weekend planned!
Friday: golf tournament and swim team pep rally
Saturday: swim meet, baseball game, and celebrating my mom’s birthday
Sunday: We’ll see where the day takes us, hopefully a pool. 😎

I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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  1. K. Elizabeth says:

    I’m glad the boys are having a blast with their summer activities and that made some friends at basketball camp! Also, it’s great that you’re talking to them about the importance of voting and researching the candidates. I take my kids with me when I vote as well. Kids are more likely to do what they see us do than what we say. So, I’m always trying to make sure I set a good example.

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