November Goals – 11/7/23

Happy Tuesday! I am sharing this post a little later in the day than usual, and that is because I am already working on on of my November goals!! I restarted creating and sharing monthly goals in October because they help me stay focused on things I think are important.

In October, I set 5 goals for myself. I didn’t do a spectacular job meeting them, but I got back in the habit of goal setting.

Goal 1 – Run 3x a week. I ran every time Luke went to soccer practice and a few more times, but I would say it was more like 2x a week.
Goal 2 – Track my macros and eat 75 grams of protein per day. I did not do either of those, but I focused on getting more protein at each meal. I noticed a positive impact of protein though!
Goal 3 – Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. I sure did!
Goal 4 – Plan for healthier lunches. I sure did!
Goal 5 – Keep up 23 minutes outside. I did it every day!

My November goals are very intentional. In looking at my calendar for the month, I am going to busy. There are a lot of extra things added in, 3. on the weekends when I would normally catch up. I set these goals with the intention of feeling good and taking care of myself this month.

1. Lights out by 10:30 PM.

2. Exercise every day.

I always feel better when I exercise. I am setting a goal to exercise every single day. I can do strength training, yoga, walk, or run, but it needs to happen every single day to keep my brain functioning and stress levels in check.

3. Follow my evening routines.

I have been so tired in the evenings that I just get in bed after a quick face washing and teeth brushing. The extras are always one of the first things to go for me. In this colder, dryer weather I need to take care of my skin. That means lotion on my body, serum on my face, eyelash serum, cuticle serum, and taking vitamins. I also want to do a round of Crest Whitestrips this month.

4. Meal plan Wednesdays and get groceries on Thursdays.

With busy weekends, I am going to try to get my meals planned on Wednesdays so I can do a grocery pickup on Thursdays. I hope that this makes the weekends easier with one less task and we’ll have a full fridge/pantry for the upcoming week.

If I can meet these goals, I feel like I will end November in a great place and be ready for a fun December. I didn’t get this post written because Luke had a late soccer practice (we got home at 10!) and there was no way to finish it and turn the lights out by 10:30. Do you have any goals this month? What are you focusing on? Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Great goals! I’m always trying to eat more protein too. Last week, I didn’t get any workouts in which is rare for me…& this week I want to do better. I hope you have a great November.

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