Hello Monday – 10/23/23

Happy Monday! I’m here with Holly sharing some fun from our weekend. I hope you’ll link up with us for Hello Monday!

This was Homecoming week for Jack and Jeff. We went to the game Friday night. The weather was less than ideal, but we made the best of it! Jack was in the student section the whole time so Luke brought a buddy and watched the game from the sideline with Jeff. It was definitely hat weather for my hair!

Luke was supposed to have a swim meet on Saturday morning but he scratched because his hip isn’t totally better. While I was bummed to miss the meet, it was nice to have a morning at home together. My parents stopped by for a quick visit and it was good to see them, too!

Jack had a golf practice on Saturday afternoon so Luke and I went to my niece’s soccer game. We haven’t seen them in a while so it was great to catch up for a bit.

Once we picked Jack up from golf, the race was on. Jack, Luke, and I dashed back to Jeff’s parents so Jack could shower and change. He decided on his outfit TUESDAY evening and the pants were a little too long for the shoes he picked out THIS MORNING!! Luckily Jeff’s mom is a fantastic seamstress and did a quick hem.

We left Luke with Jeff’s parents for dinner and the evening and headed to meet some of Jack’s friends for pictures. Jeff went to a reunion, for work, briefly and met us at pictures.

I figured Jeff or I would drive Jack to the dance, but he went with another mom. Here’s our selfie as I was sputtering all the reminders – don’t vape, don’t get near anyone who is vaping (no one did), don’t drink if someone sneaks it in (no one did), don’t take pictures if people don’t know, be respectful, MAKE GOOD CHOICES, I LOVE YOU! Thank goodness he didn’t need these reminders but I felt like I should remind him one more time.

After the kids went to the dance, one of the families had the parents over. It was fun and a nice way to get to know some of Jack’s friends’ parents. I went to get Luke and head home. Jeff went to school to pick up Jack and head home.

We all slept in a bit on Sunday (7:30 for me!). It was a good catch up day. Jack cut the grass, I made a good grocery pickup order, we did laundry, the kids studied and did some homework, and we got ready for the week. Luke and I went to his soccer game and he warmed up with the team but didn’t play.

Luke did play outside a bit and I am so grateful that he’s starting to feel better. It was nice to see him back out on the backyard camera.

It was exciting to wake up to the JMU football team ranked in both polls! Go Duuuuukes!!!

I am a little nervous to jinx myself, but I think this week might be pretty calm. Water polo is just about over so both boys have regular swim practice and Luke has soccer. Here’s hoping you have a smooth week, too! If you blogged, be sure to link up with us below! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Joanne says:

    I bet he had a great time at the dance! I feel like such a bad mom since I have never once said any of those things to my son. LOL

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