Let’s Look – 8/9/23

Happy Wednesday! This is one of my favorite linkups of the month because I am so curious about how other people do things. I try to find great systems for organizing, planning, and creating routines but I know there is always room for improvement.

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This month I am taking a look at my worst habits. This was a pretty easy one for me. Seeing as I am writing this on Wednesday morning at 6:41 am, mine is procrastinating. I have always been a procrastinator.

I wish I wasn’t a procrastinator, but I really do work well under pressure.

I have gotten a little better as I’ve gotten older but there are still a bunch of things that I put off until the last minute. I’ve read a bunch of articles about procrastinating and reasons why people do it, but it still hasn’t made much of a difference.

Are you a procrastinator? I am certain I have a few other “worst” habits, but we don’t need to dive too deep into that this morning. Ha! I’ll be back on Friday with my favorites from the past two weeks. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Look – 8/9/23

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    I’m a procrastinator too…which I think is odd for my type A personality…but I also think I’m good at time management so I don’t know how that correlates 😆

  2. Jennibell says:

    I am not a procrastinator unless it is packing for a trip. I HATE packing (I think it’s the decision-making) and will almost always do it the day of :/. Otherwise, I love to make lists, check things off, and make schedules so very few other things get pushed aside 🙂 I didn’t blog today but my family would tell you that my worst habit is being cheery in the morning. No kidding. How did I end up with a family full of people that need coffee, silence, and darkness in the morning?!?

  3. Joanne says:

    Nope! I am the exact opposite; I’ll write blog posts at least a week ahead of time, my suitcase is usually packed a week or two in advance of a trip, I get a jump start on most anything as soon as I can… other than cleaning the house; I will use any reason to put that off for another day.

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