Spring Break Recap – 4/12/23

Happy Wednesday! I usually do a Let’s Look on the second Wednesday of the month but the prompt for today was pet peeves. I like to think that I am pretty accepting and don’t have many real pet peeves. I think my main thing is good manners. Just have good manners and we’ll be just fine! Since that wasn’t very long, I’m sharing a little recap of our spring break.

A few months ago, I realized that we had 6 days for spring break and got excited. We usually only get Friday/Monday around Easter and this year we had Thursday – Tuesday. I also realized we didn’t have any birthdays over spring break, which we usually do. Jeff and I were walking and I told him we should definitely plan something to take advantage of the extra time. I was thinking a little trip to the beach for a few days or something like that. Jeff surprised me and said he already had something planned. I was thrilled!!

Well, we fulfilled Jeff’s spring break dreams yesterday.

He had a little over four yards of mulch delivered. We weeded and mulched all the gardens today. It was some fabulous family bonding! I was dreading it a little, but we finished in about two hours and the gardens look fantastic!

We wore our Tito’s glasses for a little hint of a wild spring break!

Let’s go back to Wednesday. After school, the boys and I made our annual visit to the Peep Show and then went out to a very late lunch.

On Thursday, we stayed home all day. The weather was gorgeous and the kids played outside while I read and got some things done.

On Friday, we went to the driving range before lunch and spent the rest of the day at home. The kids played outside with the neighbors all afternoon and evening.

Jack made pimento cheese when we got home. We followed DJ’s recipe on Golf Digest’s Instagram and it was delicious!

On Saturday, my friends Jamie and Kerry came over for a nice, long walk. As we were coming back to the house, I spotted that big, white appliance delivery truck. It was hours early but I did not care! They delivered and set up our washing machine. We did not waste any time getting the laundry started!

Unfortunately, a few loads in I heard a dripping noise in the basement. Our brand new dishwasher was leaking! It’s a beautiful drying rack right now until we can get someone in to look at it. Hopefully it will be today!

I made an appointment at our local children’s consignment shop for later this week and that was just the inspiration I needed to go through the kids’ closets. We moved clothes from Jack’s closet to Luke’s and cleaned out a bunch that doesn’t fit Luke anymore. These are the hangers we emptied. Whoa! His closet is so much more manageable now.

On Sunday, we were up early to find some eggs. Then we went to my parents’ church for mass and back to their house for breakfast.

We came home to watch the Masters and had a quiet afternoon. I made a rib roast for dinner and it turned out perfect!

I tried these boozy teas and they were pretty tasty!

On Monday, Jeff and Jack played golf. It was perfect for Golfer’s Day!

When they got home, Jeff and Luke worked on the lacrosse goal. For Christmas, we told Luke that he and Jeff would redo the goal. The weather was perfect for it this weekend!

Luke had soccer practice Monday evening. I went for a great run!

It was one of my favorite spring weather days – warm enough for a tank top and skort during the day and cool enough to add a long sleeve in the evening.

Yesterday we did all that mulching. We went out to dinner to celebrate the end of a great break (and to avoid doing dishes!).

I spent a ton of time on our deck reading in the sunshine. It felt great! I could watch and hear the kids playing, which makes me smile.

We have 43 days of school left and I am so ready for summer!! The weather is supposed to be in the 80s for the rest of the week so I will be sprinting out the door at the end of the school day!

After a wonderful six days, we are back to reality, but it’s a short week. I’m betting we’ll have some sleepy kids with sun kissed cheeks at school today. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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