Currently – 6/7/23

Happy Wednesday! It’s the first Wednesday of the month so I am linking up with Jennifer to share five things I am currently doing. It’s a fun linkup with five -ing prompts each month. Be sure to checkout Jennifer’s post and the others who link up.

I am loving…

Moments at the pool, no matter how short they are. Summer swim team practice started this week. Luke’s having a blast with his buddies and I am enjoying the time with the parents, too. It’s great to catch up with the parents I haven’t seen all winter. I did read for a bit last night. The sun shining on the water and my book were so relaxing!

I am savoring…

Easy dinners with local produce. Our CSA started a few weeks ago and it has been delicious to have fresh salads, fruits, and potatoes to go with our protein. The eggs that I get at the CSA are so much better than grocery store eggs. I am savoring all the yummy meals and looking forward to a summer full of fresh flavors!

I am celebrating…

Jack!! He has his 8th grade promotion ceremony today! This has been a big year for him. I’ve stepped back a bit in my staying on top of his schoolwork and grades and he’s taking control in a fabulous way. He had a great year and I am loving the teenager he is becoming!

I am remembering…

Just how good summer reading is! I started my first Summer Beach Reads 2023 book a little early this year since I got it from the library. I could feel the happy calm washing over me when I started reading Happy Place by Emily Henry. Summer Beach books are my favorite and I am ready to get back to all that good reading!

I am trying…

To stay positive and cheerful all day long! It can be a little hard to remember when there is so much going on with the end of school, opening the pool, the beginning of summer, and everything else but I am trying. I keep reminding myself that everyone has a lot going on and adding positivity to every situation can only make it better. For kids at school, the end of the school year can be a little unnerving so they need me to keep our routines and be the positive, cheerful teacher they are used to.

After today, we have one full day and one half day of school left! I have to work a bit next week, but the kids will be done! Summer is so so close and that is really what’s currently on my mind! I’m off to cheerfully teach some classes this morning and celebrate Jack this afternoon. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

7 thoughts on “Currently – 6/7/23

  1. scottaew says:

    Ahhhh – yes – even a little bit feels so great at the pool I am sure. I really need to try some farm fresh eggs. I have it on my list to go to a farmer’s market soon and they have them. Your Walmart dress is so pretty. I got the bright floral tropical version of that dress, I think. I think it’s the same. So easy to throw on !

  2. Overflowing with Thankfulness says:

    Your students are so fortunate to have you- I love your mindset. You’re so right! I am sure that sunshine and water-in-the-background was so relaxing the other night. Congrats to your son for promoting out of middle school! How exciting. Happy almost end of the school year, my friend!

  3. Joanne says:

    Oh yes, any poolside time is fabulous! Congrats to your son and how wonderful that he’s hitting his stride. I hope high school goes really well for him too!

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