Friday Favorites – 6/2/23

Happy Friday! It’s June!!! I am so happy it is June!! The May crazy schedule is over and things are calming down a bit. One more week of school, one more lacrosse tournament, one more soccer game, and we can do it! I have some favorites to share, so let’s get to it.

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Favorite 1: BOOKS!! I gathered up all the books I am hoping to read this summer and shared them on Tuesday. My Summer Beach Reads 2023 list is bigger than ever and full of great books! I made a checklist this year so you can keep track of your reading! I hope you find a book for your summer reading in the Summer Beach Reads 2023 list!

Favorite 2: CONCERTS!! Jack and Luke had their band concerts on Wednesday night. It is amazing how fabulous both bands sounded. Jack has decided to retire from trumpeting so this was his last concert. Luke is still loving percussion and going to keep playing. Both sets of grandparents came for the double feature concert! It was a long evening – almost 3 hours – but worth it to see our guys play!

One of Jack’s fellow trumpeters, Allison, offered to take our picture last winter at the concert and again this time. Jack and Allison have known each other since they played baseball together in kindergarten or first grade. Allison is hilarious and she and Jack have fun joking around with each other. This picture is a major favorite!

Favorite 3: POOL!! I haven’t been to the pool this week because school has been busy and so have our evenings. I am hoping to get there for a little while this weekend. It’s hard for me to not go, but I know that in 5 short school days I can go whenever I want.

Favorite 4: SWIG! You may remember I set a goal in mid-April to get up and workout, drink a bunch of water, and walk or run every day. My reward was a new Swig tumbler. I had a hard time deciding and ended up with a few. Oops! I love them all so much and can’t wait to keep drinking so much water out of them all summer long!

Favorite 5: DECK! Last Saturday night we rearranged the deck a little and I am so pleased with how it is now! Luke suggested taking my outfit pictures outside now since the grill is out of the way. It’s sunny, but I love seeing right out into the corn field!

Summer Beach Reads 2023
What’s Up Wednesday

I am looking forward to spending a bunch of time outside this weekend! The weather looks pretty good and not too hot. I bought three embroidery kits in February 2022 after Tanya shared one that she was working on. I started the first one when I was home with covid in June 2022 and still haven’t finished it. I am taking it to the tournament with me because it’s easy to do while chatting with friends. My goal is to finish it this weekend. We’ll see… Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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