What’s Up Wednesday – 5/31/23

Happy Wednesday! It’s the last Wednesday of the month so I am sharing what we’ve been up to. Let’s get to it!

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The weather! Even though the pollen has been OUT OF CONTROL, I am loving all the outside time we are getting. I love how warm it’s been and how the sun has been shining. We had a few chillier days last week, but we’ve still been outside. I haven’t even been tracking my 23 minutes outside a day because it’s happening without thinking about it.


Jeff and Jack went to the LIV golf tournament and had a great time! It wasn’t nearly as crowded as some of the PGA events we’ve been to and they both came home happy!

Luke has been making time lapse videos of himself building Legos and they are so fun to watch!

Jeff and I went to NYC with my sister and brother-in-law to see Billy Joel at the beginning of the month and it was FABULOUS!!

We celebrated Mother’s Day!

I’ve been working at the pool to make sure it was ready for opening weekend and I got to sit and read in my favorite spot.


I am dreading my call to Bosch customer service today. I’ve been calling them every day for weeks trying to get our dishwasher replaced. I spend upwards of an hour each day between being on hold and talking with the agents. It has been an absolutely awful experience and I am about two days away from saying send me a check and come pick up this broken machine. I am tired of waiting for the replacement to be located, delivered to an installer, and installation to be scheduled. I am so disappointed in their customer service from top to bottom, and believe me I have spoken to someone on just about every level of customer service.

I am also dreading my call to the company I ordered our pendant lights from. The lights came and one box was missing the shade. It’s been over a week since I alerted them to the problem and there is no information on that one either.

What is going on with all these customer service departments??? I don’t have hours a day to devote to getting what I ordered in working condition!


Making and adjusting our travel plans for the summer. I was hoping to go to Niagara Falls and Canada, but we still don’t have the boys’ passports back. I don’t feel comfortable planning that trip without them in my hands.

I’m working on a general weekly schedule for the summer. I’m trying to figure out swim team practices, summer sports workouts, fun day trips, and a day or two to chill at home.

I have started planning for next school year. It feels a little crazy, but I have some thoughts about what I want to keep the same and what I need to change. I am really good about keeping school out of the summer, but it’s nice to have some ideas ready when we go back in August.


Sweet, sweet summertime! We only have 7 days of school left and then it will be summer! I am so excited about only packing 7 more school lunches. I think my least favorite daily job is lunches. The boys help quite often, but I still dislike participating at all!

Our CSA started last week and I am excited for the fresh eggs and local fruits and vegetables.


I realized that I didn’t share what I was reading this month. I read mostly children’s books for school. I read a good nonfiction book – The Life Council – that really made me think and reflect on being a good friend. You can always check out my Books 2023 page to see what I’ve been reading and how many sunshines I gave it.

Hopefully by the end of next month, I will have read a bunch of books from my Summer Beach Reads list. I shared it yesterday. Have you read any of those books yet?

I am looking for some good books for Jack and Luke to read this summer. I could easily suggest books for them to read in elementary school, but these preteen and teenage readers are challenging me. Jack loves to read about sports. Luke loves to read funny stories or fantasy (Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, etc.) and graphic novels. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Thank you!!


Luke and I are still working through the Harry Potter series. We are on book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I’ve been listening to the Keeping Up with the Windsors Podcast with all the coronation excitement. It’s so fun to hear all about the royal family!

I have really been enjoying Sarah Hart-Unger on both of her podcasts – Best Laid Plans and Best of Both Worlds.

I started listening to Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ new podcast Wiser Than Me and the first episode with Jane Fonda was so, so good!

I have been trying to make time to listen to my other podcast favorites, The Mom Hour, The Girl Next Door, The Lazy Genius, What Should I Read Next, and The Mel Robbins podcasts. That’s a lot of listening each week!

I am looking for a good audio book for me to listen to while I’m hanging around the house this summer.


I share my outfits most Thursdays, but here are a few things I am loving right now.

These jumpsuits from Amazon (pink and black)

These dresses from Old Navy and Gap

These tank tops after school almost every day

This cute bag and this dress from Walmart

Older Lilly tops, rompers, skorts, and dresses.

I’m having so much fun mixing and matching my bracelets form Gray Co. Check them out on Instagram!

I am trying to add nothing to my spring and summer clothing wardrobe. My closets are pretty full, my style hasn’t changed much, and it all still fits. It can get repetitive on the blog, but I don’t need to add anything!


Luke is finishing up two sports seasons with a lacrosse tournament, soccer pool party, and soccer game. Jack has a golf lesson and will be cheering Luke on with Jeff and me. Luckily we enjoy hanging out with a lot of the families on Luke’s teams so it will be a great time!



and this,

and this!

That was fun! We’ve had a busy month and the next 10 days are not slowing down. I’m not going to do Fashion Files tomorrow, but I’ll have some favorites on Friday. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – 5/31/23

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Ahh! Such a great month. I love that Luke is making the legos videos. So fun! You have so many colorful outfits! You are ready for summer! I always try to leave the end of the school year somewhat prepared for the next…I always make notes of ideas/things I want to change and make sure I have my first few days planned.

  2. J says:

    Old school recs from a former middle school ELA teacher. .. Chris Crutcher, Jerry Spinelli, Andrew Clements
    Some more mature themes from Chris Crutcher, but these authors often have male protagonists and appealed to ALL my students, generated good discussions, and great writing!

  3. Joanne says:

    My middle son loves both fantasy and graphic novels (Wings of Fire is still his favorite series and he’s a junior in high school!) so I’ll ask him for some suggestions for you. I am so sorry to hear how much you have been struggling with customer service (my guess is that they are just as understaffed and unprepared as everyone else).

  4. Jinjer says:

    Just wanted to pass on a helpful tip that my financial advisor told me. I’ve never had to try it myself so I have no first-hand experience. He was explaining why I should do everything with a credit card rather than a debit card and one example was if you have a problem with an appliance, like your dish washer, just call the credit card company, tell them the problem…and he said something about how you call the dish washer company and tell them “If you’re not going to fix the problem I’m going to just set your dishwasher out on the street. You can either come pick it up, or not. I don’t care because the credit card company has already refunded the price to my card and now you will have to deal with them.” Something like that! Anway, talk to your credit card company and see if they agree with what my guy at Edward Jones told me. LOL No matter what, good luck!!!

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