Friday Favorites – 4/28/23

Happy Friday! This was a wacky week for me. All week I kept thinking it was one day ahead. That realization that it was only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday was not so fun. I still have some favorites to share with you, so let’s get to it.

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Favorite 1: SPORTS! My kids have made some great friends through their sports and so have Jeff and I. This week they golfed, swam, and played lacrosse. It was great for all of us!

Favorite 2: JEWELRY!! I have a habit of collecting a certain style when I love it. Sometimes it is clothing, sometimes it is shoes, and sometimes it is jewelry. I love the big beaded necklaces that I used to get from Cora’s Den.

I love smaller gold necklaces, too. Most of mine are Stella and Dot, with the exception of my Lilly sunshine.

I have always loved bracelets, but these from Gray Co. are my new favorites. I have three sets, but I have been mixing and matching them. I have my eyes on another stack on Gray Co.’s Instagram page. We’ll see if they make it to my house.

Favorite 3: SOAKING!! My friend Amy gave me this for Christmas and I love it. It is a little loud and splashy but it is totally worth it. I sprinkled some foot salts in here and soaked my feet for almost an hour on Saturday. It was so relaxing and my feet are in great shape after it. I’ve always said I’d love a pedicure with extended soak at the beginning because it’s so relaxing. I love being able to do it at home!

Favorite 4: DRESSES!! You might be tired of reading about this dress, but you will be so happy if you order one for yourself! I have a pretty long torso and the shorts/shelf bra do not cut me off. It is so comfy, cute, and perfect for all I do in a day! It’s Old Navy Active and a dream! As of Thursday night, it was 35% off!

Favorite 5: BOOKS! I am actually reading four books right now. That is totally not my normal, but I am trying to get through all of these children’s books by May 17. I am loving The Spectacular by Fiona Davis (out June 13)! I am also reading The Natural Genius of Ants by Betty Culley, Frieren by Kanehito Yamada, and Garlic and the Witch by Bree Paulson. I need to finish at least 3 of them and maybe a few more this weekend!

Favorite 6: SUMMER!! The weather isn’t saying summer, the calendar isn’t saying summer, and my clothes aren’t saying summer, but they just announced our official last day of school so summer is on my mind! After today we have 29 days of school left!! We’re in the 20s!! Summer, I am coming for you!!

Favorite 7: GOALS!! I am both an enneagram 3 and an upholder. These two mean that I am super motivated to achieve a goal. I focus on them and do everything in my power to meet the goal. I have met my goals for morning exercise, water, and walking or running every day since I set them on April 17th. The enneagram 3 and upholder combo also means I might be going for my walk in the dark when I really want to be in bed.

Favorite 8: RAINBOWS!! We had a few quick showers on Wednesday night and saw a rainbow after all of them. I love a rainbow!

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The boys have golf, lacrosse, swim, and soccer this weekend. I am not sure what they will actually do because of the forecasted rain. I am hoping to take advantage of the rainy weather to read a bunch. Be sure to come back on Monday for Hello Monday with Holly and me. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 4/28/23

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    It sounds like you have had a lot of fun with all of the sports. It is a great way to make friends. I love your bracelets and a few years ago my eldest got a foot spa for Christmas and she still uses it a couple of times a month. She’s says it’s her treat to her feet.

  2. Joanne says:

    Beautiful rainbows! We’ve been enjoying some rainbows this week too. I love hearing about how active your family is!!

  3. jgalvinwhite says:

    I have a few stella and dot pieces I love too. I’ve read one Fiona Davis book (that my Gma recommended), and I loved it. We had the most beautiful rainbow this week too. I hope your weekend is off to a great start

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