Friday Favorites – 9/30/22

Happy Friday! I cannot believe this is the last day of September! I feel like this month flew by, but it seems like it’s been forever since we were lounging poolside. School is cruising along and we are getting ready for all October has to bring.

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Favorite 1: THIS RIGHT HERE!! I am pretty sure this is what has been running through my head since the first day of school.

Favorite 2: POSITIVE MESSAGES!! I found Garden24 on Instagram and I love it. Everyday they post art and words to inspire growth in the garden of your life. The pictures and messages are fantastic and I love thinking about them each day! The account is garden24co on Instagram. Each day there are 2 versions of the message and art, one with the date and one without.

Favorite 3: JACK!! Jack had a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon so I picked him up from school a little early and we had some good one on one time together. We had lunch, did some studying, and he got some extra time in the sunshine around his appointment. I didn’t even think to take a picture – oops!

Favorite 4: LUKE!! I am loving watching Luke come into his own in middle school. We’ve been to a few high school sports events – soccer and football – and it’s so fun to watch him with his middle school buddies.

Favorite 5: BIRTHDAYS! I had a great time celebrating with Jeff, the kids, my parents, Jeff’s parents, brother, sister, and their families, my sister and Maggie on FaceTime, and friends! I definitely feel like one lucky lady!

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We have a pretty low key (for us) weekend ahead of us. The kids have swim practice on Saturday. Jeff and Jack are playing golf on Saturday. Luke has soccer on Sunday and Jack has golf on Sunday. It all depends on the rain we get from the remnants of Hurricane Ian, so we’ll see what happens. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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