Hello Monday – 9/26/22

Happy Monday! I’m here with Holly sharing some fun from our weekend. I hope you’ll link up with us for Hello Monday!

I had a great weekend! My birthday was Friday and I celebrated all weekend long! If you ever want to have a great birthday, spend it at an elementary school. Kids love to celebrate and have fun wishing you a happy birthday! After school, Jack went to a friend’s house and my parents came over for a little happy hour. It was fun to see them!

I really like hummus and found one that is amazing! My friend Amy recommended it this summer and it is so smooth! Have you tried Boar’s Head hummus yet?? If not, you should!! My mom is a hummus fan and thought this one was fantastic! Another amazing thing – both of my cups on Friday matched my outfit! I love it when that happens!!

The boys wanted to go to our local high school football game so we did. Jeff and I hung out with some of our friends that we really got to know at the pool this summer. Most of them have kids Luke’s age and we had a great time! Jack and Luke were off with their friends the whole time.

After the game, we showered and headed to bed because Saturday was going to be a busy, but fun day.

I had a pool board meeting on Saturday morning and Jeff to Luke to a lacrosse clinic. We met up back at home. Then Jeff and Jack headed to the golf course to practice a bit. I took Luke to his soccer game. Jeff met me there. We also so my dad, Jeff’s dad, Jeff’s sister, and our niece who had a game at the same time in the same complex.

Jeff’s brother met us at the game because his kids were spending the night with us. It was a revolving door of family fun and soccer!

I wanted crabs for my birthday and they were so good! My parents came back over for dinner and dessert. I didn’t take any crab pictures because we had four kids to help while enjoying our crabs. Luke took some pictures with my favorite birthday treat and the birthday plate!

We got all the kids (5, 7, 11, and 13 years old) to bed and I hopped in bed to read my book. I ended up sleeping a few hours and then I was up for the rest of the night. Apparently this is a thing. It happens every few weeks. I wake up between 1 and 2 am and try to read myself back to sleep. It never works and I am up for 3-4 hours, but I always finish my book. Luckily it was a weekend night this time!

I loved this book! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

On Sunday morning, the kids and I made pancakes. I painted toenails with my niece – hooray for girl time! Then we packed up and headed to Jeff’s parents’ house. Jeff’s aunt and cousins were in town so we all got together to visit. It’s been years since we’ve seen them and it was great to catch up!

We were expecting bad weather so Jack’s golf tournament was postponed. We headed to Luke’s soccer game and met my dad there. We didn’t make it long because that rain did come.

On Sunday evening, we got ready for the week and took a lovely walk. We have a five day week ahead of us but I think we are ready! I hope you had a great weekend! Be sure to link up with us below if you blogged today! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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11 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 9/26/22

  1. scottaew says:

    Happy birthday! I love all Boar’s Head products so that doesn’t surprise me! I decided not to take off on my actual birthday this year so I hope my high schoolers are as sweet as your elementary kids!

  2. Ruth says:

    Happy birthday Sarah! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend celebrating with your family. I love your birthday headband, it’s so cute !!

  3. Linda says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful celebratory weekend. You and your mom were both blessed with such beautiful smiles. Linda at Paper Seedlings

  4. rawsonjl says:

    That sounds like a lovely and busy birthday weekend! I have the same thing happen with sleeping every now and then… thankfully not a weekly thing but I’d bet at least once a month. I am usually so wide awake that reading myself back to sleep rarely works either.

  5. jgalvinwhite says:

    Shew! What a busy weekend but so fun. I’m glad you were celebrated so much. I love the pics of you with your parents. So sweet about elementary kids. They know how to celebrate big! I hope you have a great week.

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