Friday Favorites – 9/23/22

Happy Friday! This is an extra happy Friday here because it’s my birthday! Birthday week is over for my sister and me. We’ve called each other a bunch to ask “How old are you?” Because we are the same age for this week only. I have a bunch of favorites from our week, so let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: BOOKS! I haven’t had nearly as much time to read as I did last month, but I am still enjoying the books I’m reading. While Jack on the putting green this week, I enjoyed the sunshine with my book!

Favorite 2: KIDS AND SPORTS!! It is keeping me pretty busy, but I love watching my kids practice and play the sports they love. I get to see a lot of practicing each week and I try to make the best of it. Even though it’s a lot of driving, I get some good one on one time with them when we are driving. I also get to spend a bunch of time outside. I try to walk for 2 miles or 30 minutes at each practice and read for the rest.

Favorite 3: SUNSHINE SALE!! My packages are starting to come in from the Lilly sale. One came on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and I think I have another one coming tomorrow. It’s always fun to come home to that bright pink package on my porch!

Favorite 4: THE QUEEN!! What an amazing woman Queen Elizabeth II was. My schedule on Monday worked out so I could watch most of her funeral in my breaks. I did get up at 5 am to watch from the beginning. I wore my triple strand of pearls and a bright color to honor the Queen on Monday.

Favorite 5: CLOTHES! I am having fun getting dressed for school each day. I am trying to wear everything in my closet and not repeat much. This orange jumpsuit will definitely get a repeat because it is that comfortable!

Favorite 6: SUMMER!! I can’t let the last day of summer pass without sharing my love! If you’ve been reading here for a little bit, you know I love summer! I have been holding on to every last second of it. I summered hard this year and can’t wait for June 21, 2023. I even visited/checked on the pool yesterday while it was still summer and it’s all covered up.

Favorite 7: MAGGIE! Now that we are back in a routine, I’ve been FaceTiming with my sister and Maggie more. It’s so fun and she is growing so much. Just last night, she sang the ABC’s to me!!

Favorite 8: MESSAGES!! I found these online this week and they are all so true!

Thursday was so warm in the morning and so chilly by the evening. This is exactly what happened!

Always soothes my soul, no matter what time of day!

Hello Monday

We have some fun planned for the weekend and I am hoping to spend some time getting ready for the upcoming week. I need to figure out what we are having for dinners. We have always been an early dinner family (5 pm at the latest) and the boys’ schedules this fall have us eating dinner at 6:45 or later. It’s a total shift and I need food ready when we walk in the door at 6:45 pm. Any suggestions? Please share!! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 9/23/22

  1. rawsonjl says:

    Happy Birthday!! How perfect that your Lily packages showed up for your birthday week too. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.

  2. Jinjer says:

    Happy Birthday! I love that you wore a bright color and pearls to honor the Queen! I got up at 5am to watch her funeral from the beginning as well. The saddest for me was when the hearse went by her pony, Emma, and her corgis.

    Maggie is so cute!

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