What’s Up Wednesday – 9/28/22

Happy Wednesday! It’s the last Wednesday of the month so I am sharing what we’ve been up to. Let’s get to it!

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I have been doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss workouts for over a year and I do like them, but I am looking for something a little cheaper. I found the Moves by Madeline app and I love it!! She has a bunch of options and I’m loving the 30 minute workouts!


We are officially back to school! We are settling into a routine, but extra events keep popping up. Ever since Jack started preschool, we have been the family that eats dinner at 5 pm and go to bed early. This year the boys have practices at 4, 4:30, and/or 5 four days a week, so we are changing into a family that eats dinner at 6:30 or later. It’s been a huge adjustment.


The only thing I am really dreading is the days getting shorter and colder. I love warm evenings and they are ending quickly. I always try to think of the positive so I’m trying to remember that cozy, wrapped in a blanket feeling when it’s chilly out.


I have a few things I am working on at school. We have our Book Fair coming up in November and I’m starting to prepare for that. We are kicking off our school news show this week. I am getting ready for some book clubs at school.


I have a quarterly book club with some friends and we are meeting in October. I had to cancel in June because I was sick, so I can’t wait to see the girls!

September was a great sale shopping month for me. Lilly had the semi-annual sale and Tarte had the $10 birthday sale. I found some great things in both of them and I am excited for the packages to arrive. My Lilly finds have been coming in slowly and everything has been a hit so far!


I’m not watching much tv right now. I watched the Queen’s funeral all day Monday last week. I’m mostly watching Luke play soccer and swim and Jack play golf and swim. I have a lot that I want to read so if I’m sitting down, I’ve been reading.

I met my Goodreads reading challenge goal this week! 60 books! I am hoping to enjoy 10 more before the year ends. Be sure to check my Books 2022 page and we can connect on Goodreads! Here is what I’ve been reading:


I’m listening to the NPR Up First podcast while I workout in the morning. I’m one day behind because the current day’s podcast isn’t usually out when I start my workout. I love that it’s just 15 minutes or so about what’s happening in the world. My friend Jodi recommended it to me a while ago and I’m thrilled to figure out a place to fit it in my day.

Once Up First is over, I put on the Chillin’ on a Dirt Road, Feel Good Summer, or Songs to Sing in the Shower Spotify playlists.

I’ve also been listening to my regular podcasts: The Mom Hour, The Lazy Genius, Best Laid Plans, The Girl Next Door, What Should I Read Next, and Best of Both Worlds. That looks like a lot of podcasts, but I’ve been listening while walking and and during some planning time at work.


I have been wearing a bunch of dresses and fun necklaces and bracelets. I’m sticking with dresses for as long as I can at school.


I am planning on cheering the boys on at soccer and golf, but it seems like the weather may have different plans for us. If it is as rainy as they are predicting, I am going to spend a bunch of time in my closets and reading. I am looking forward to either choice!


As much as I don’t like the pressure of dressing up for Halloween, I do love trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!

I am also looking forward to really getting the hang of our weekly routine. We have a bunch of 5 day weeks of school with regular evening practices, so we should really be getting into the swing of things.

We have one more birthday to celebrate in October!

September was a great month! We saw our families a bunch, hung out with friends, and had a great start to the school year! I am looking forward to all the good October has to bring us!

6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – 9/28/22

  1. rawsonjl says:

    We have always tended to be that family that eats together around 5/5:30 each day too and it was such an adjustment when Alec started school and joined track and I couldn’t always do that. You got some really great pieces at Lily’s sale!

  2. Natasha says:

    Rachel has dance until 6:30 one night so we’re eating at 6:45 or even 7 one night a week and it’s really tough. I much prefer the night we have to eat at 5:15-5:30 so she can dance after supper. All this is to say, I feel your late supper pain.

  3. Jinjer says:

    You come off as just the coolest Mom / co-worker with your amazing dresses, the warmest smile and always such a positive, upbeat attitude. I imagine everyone at your work thinks so, too.

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