Friday Favorites – 2/25/22

Happy Friday! Even though this was another four day week, it has been busy! My favorites are a little different this week. I only have two favorites this week. I have one book favorite because I cannot resist and favorites from a store.

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Favorite 1: BOOKS!! I love when I find a book that my kids can’t put down! This week I got the Spy School graphic novel for Luke and he LOVES it!!

Favorite 2: TRADER JOE’S!! I started shopping at our TJ’s occasionally because it’s about 25 minutes away and has the worst parking lot ever! I started shopping there a bit more regularly lately because Luke’s soccer practice is right around the corner from the store. I decided to take some pictures as I was shopping this week to share with you. These are some of our favorites.

These taquitos are my number one favorite thing at TJ’s. They stopped making them for over a year and I was so excited to see them back this week!
Jack specifically requested this butter lettuce for his salad. It is delicious and so easy to throw in a salad or on tacos.
My kids LOVE these corn dogs. They microwave them all the time for a quick and easy lunch.
We’ve tried the vegetable fried rice and the chicken fried rice and I like the veggie one better. I didn’t think the chicken fried rice had enough chicken in it. When I make the vegetable fried rice, I always add a bunch of protein to it.
We do a lot of quesadillas and sheet pan dinners with this pepper blend. It feel s a little ridiculous to buy cut up peppers but it really saves me a bunch of time. I also added about 3/4 of a bag to a dozen eggs for an egg casserole this week and it was delicious!
These are the star of our mornings lately! They are so easy to heat up and so filling. Jack, Jeff, and I all enjoy them in the mornings. I keep telling myself that I could make these at home, but TJ’s are so good and easy that I haven’t done it.
I go through phases with seltzer waters and I really like these. They are so delicious! Flavorful, but not overpowering.

I love the plants and flowers, too. I didn’t pick anything up this week because I was hustling to get back to soccer in time. I usually take a look at everything in that section. I also love the greeting cards. They are only 99 cents and so good!

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The boys have basketball games this weekend. I am going to Ikea with some friends to have a look around. Other than that, we’ll be preparing for our first five day week in a while! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 2/25/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    So many good TJ finds. I need to buy those peppers! I will look next time. I’ve bought some of those burgers before and Travis got the mahi-mahi ones recently…my only complaint was that it stunk up the house 😂 I hope you have a great weekend

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    You are making me want to go to TJs right now- ha! Not possible since we are in the middle of a snowstorm but def a top priority for March! Thanks for sharing- adding a couple of those things to my list- Happy Friday!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ok, I need to make a trip to Trader Joes. Ours is not super close…or convenient to get in and out of either. Do they do this on purpose? But you have so many yummy suggestions, I think it might be time!

  4. rawsonjl says:

    All your Trader Joe finds look amazing!! Ours is nearly an hour away and on the busiest street of the city with a tiny little parking lot so I haven’t made the trek in nearly 16 years!

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