Declare It Day 2022 – 2/14/22

Happy Monday! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m here with Holly sharing my Declare It Day celebration from this year. If you blog, I hope you’ll link up with us for Hello Monday!

Declare It Day is a Fellow Flowers goal setting celebration. It takes place on the first Saturday in February each year. I’ve been hosting a girlfriend celebration for a few years and I love it!

In 2016, Jamie and I ran together and went home to set our own goals.

In 2017, I hosted a brunch with Jamie and Sarah. We exercised, declared, and forgot to take a picture until they left! We were just girls who decided to go for it!

In 2018, we got gutsy!

In 2019, we focused on progress not perfection.

In 2020, we decided what we were brave enough to do!

In 2021, we braved the freezing cold and focus on our own race.

In 2022, we gathered to move our bodies, have some fun, and set some goals for the year. The Fellow Flowers theme is “Take the leap. Chase the dream”, but I decided to incorporate the Olympics and going for the gold.

I set the table with some fun Olympic accessories. I also printed out some images from the Fellow Flowers digital downloads to give everyone some inspiration.

I picked a set of folders with gold details.

I always try to give the girls a little gift or print that inspires them or helps them think about setting their goal. In the past, I’ve given flower clips (fiercely united and rockstar) and prints.

This year I gave them this print from the Declare It Day pack and everyone could pick the images from the table that spoke to them.

I was hoping to go outside to move our bodies, but it was 20 degrees so we stayed inside. I set up a circuit around our family room with 15 lb, 8 lb, 2 5 lb, and 2 lb dumbbell pairs. There was also a body weight station and a fun twisty board. The soundtrack to our circuit was Spotify’s Olympic Theme Songs.

This isn’t the best picture because it’s a still from a video. If you concentrate on your abs and lats when you twist, it’s quite effective and hilarious!

After our inspiring workout circuit, we had an Olympic breakfast. I made sure to incorporate all the colors from the Olympic flag in our meal. the egg casserole had red, yellow, and green peppers and sausage (black)in it. We had blueberries, strawberries, and oranges for our fruit. I also made a Krusteaz crumb cake for a little something sweet. I forgot to take pictures of our spirited food.

After we ate, I passed out the folders and declarations. We always laugh when it gets to this point. At our first Declare It Day, Sarah’s husband thought we were all going to yell our goals at each other. There was no yelling this year, but we all set some goals to make this year a little better than last year.

I set two goals this year. My first goal is back to running. In 2020, I said I was brave enough to stop running every day and I did it.. Last year, I set a goal to run a 5k and I did it. This year I want to run a 10k. When I say run a 10k, I mean train for it and really run it. I don’t need to win or be super fast, but I want to feel great when I cross the finish line.

My second goal is about how I spend my time. My boys are old enough now that we can leave them home alone for a little stretch of time. I want to take advantage of that and go on a date with Jeff once a month. We can go out for breakfast or happy hour or even out for a full dinner. I also want to have a girlfriend time without kids once a month. I love time with my girlfriends and want to prioritize that this year, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I spend a lot of time with them! I also love spending uninterrupted time with Jeff and my friends.

I could count Declare It Day as my February girlfriend time, but I may try to squeeze another one in. I love these girls and always have so much fun setting goals with them!

Time to go for the gold ladies!!

It’s not too late to visit Fellow Flowers and download the goal setting template for free if you want to take the leap and chase your dream! I love how setting these goals shapes each year for me. I used to set reading goals, but I don’t need to anymore. Reading has become a daily habit for me. I’ve set a few goals about eating healthier and limiting mindless phone scrolling. I think overall I have improved both of those, but I still need to check myself occasionally.

I am a big believer in setting goals and sticking to the steps needed to achieve them. I always have been! Which makes my next sentence a little ironic. I totally forgot to document my day in the life on Friday for the Not Just a Mom linkup today. I’m documenting my Valentine’s Day in the life today and I’ll share it tomorrow. If you’ve ever wondered what happens in an elementary school when the 100th day of school falls on Valentine’s Day, come on back tomorrow. 🥰🤪😍😂 Have a great day full of sunshine and books and LOVE!!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    What an awesome tradition! I love that you took it one step further and incorporated the Olympics into it too. Sounds like a delicious meal and a motivating morning.

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