A Day in the Life – 2/15/22

Happy Tuesday! I am linking up with the Not Just a Mom girls to share a day in the life. I planned to share last Friday (2/11) but I totally forgot to document it.

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I decided to do Monday. It was Valentine’s Day and the 100th day of school, so that should have made for a very exciting day in an elementary school. Mother Nature had a totally different plan for the day!

My alarm goes off at 5:15 on school mornings. I usually wake up right away but I hit snooze three times. I use that time to wake up, read, catch up on emails, check the weather, and scroll social media. I love easing in to waking up. However, Monday and last week I have been snoozing and sleeping a little more because I’ve been staying up way later watching the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

I’m usually in the shower by 6, but not this morning. We had a surprise snow squall come through and had a 2 hour delay. I put on the snow day signal and went back to bed. That felt like a giant gift after the boys stayed up for the Super Bowl and I stayed up later to watch the Olympics after that.

Freestyle ski jumping is so exciting when they nail the landing!

It was really snowing, hard to see here, and roads further north in our county were pretty bad so they canceled school. Our county announced that we will have virtual instruction on snow days starting 2/22. There was a bit of confusion this morning because some people (me included) didn’t read the email close enough. I figured out that we were going to have a regular old snow day and kept watching the Today show and the Olympics.

I repainted my Valentine’s Day manicure last weekend. I had my comfy heart sweater picked out and ready to wear. I was so ready for Valentine’s Day at school. Guess I will wear it all Tuesday!

Our house cleaning crew arrived at 7:59 am! I was still in bed! So the kids and I jumped up and got ready for the day. They headed out to play in the snow in their pjs and I hit the basement for a workout. I do the Faster Way workouts and today was a HIIT workout. I have a pretty good setup in the basement with a bunch of dumbbells, kettle bells, and a treadmill. I want to add a pair of 10 lb dumbbells (I’m using plates now) and a weight bench.

Is it even a snow day if you don’t have cinnamon rolls? We tried Trader Joe’s this time and they are GOOD!

House clean, kids inside with rosy snow cheeks, and snow day breakfast ✔️

The kids headed back outside and I caught up on the blog while watching the Olympics. I watched the US women beat Finland and a bunch of ski jumping.

After making all the snacks last night and breakfast this morning, I decided that the kids could make their own Trader Joe’s corn dogs and fruit for lunch. My guys love these corn dogs and they are so easy to eat.

My mom stopped by with some Valentine’s for us. We visited for a while before she headed home. Jeff and I are sharing this. We both looked at each other and said you better eat your half quick! Hah!

The boys had some friends over to play. They are too funny! They put on all these outfits and walked all over our neighborhood.

After the friends left, I started dinner. I made the super easy yummy lemon shrimp and pasta. It’s a Parsons family favorite. I forgot to take a picture before we ate, but these are the leftovers. So tasty!

Jeff took Jack to swim practice while Luke and I hung out. He recorded our Mindful Morning Moment for school tomorrow, wrote a rap and some thank you notes, and we danced to Shoop.

Luke headed to bed and so did I. I ended the night finishing this post and reading while watching the Olympics. When Jeff and Jack got home, Jack headed to bed and Jeff joined me cheering on Team USA! I stayed up way too late, but that’s what the Olympics will do to me.

That’s a snow day in the life around here. The only thing that was really missing from my day was reading! I usually read a bit more but the Olympics got my attention this afternoon. This will probably be our last real snow day for the year because our county voted to have virtual instruction for all snow days after 2/21. Thanks for coming along for my day in the life. Have a great day full of sunshine and books.

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  1. natashajk says:

    I wish I had more time to watch the Olympics! Our snow days have been “virtual learning” days since Covid hit and people are NOT happy. Thankfully they’re asynchronous and many teachers assign work like “shovel for your family” or “build a snowman” or “cook a French inspired lunch.” That last one is the lesson for French and includes a recipe. I so appreciate that the teachers understand that kids NEED snow days.

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