Friday Favorites – 12/3/21

Happy Friday! It’s the first Friday in December and we had a great week! I actually have two weeks worth of favorites for you so here we go!

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Favorite 1:BOOKS!! I have so many bookish favorites this week! I’ve read three Christmas books now and I loved them all!! I was so excited to go back to Peachtree Bluff for Christmas. It was everything I hoped it would be and more!!

I pulled out all of our Christmas books this week. I am keeping them in a basket and having the kids read a few books each night while I am making dinner. The boys have to come in a little earlier from playing outside, but I love how it calms them down before we eat.

We have our Book Fair at school this week and part of next week. It has been so fun to watch how excited the students are! I had one evening shopping night and parents are so full of nostalgia and joy when they come into the Book Fair. It is definitely a busy time and I don’t sit down much but it is a favorite!

I reached my Goodreads reading challenge goal this week. I am hoping to read five more books this year, but we’ll see how things go.

Favorite 2: THANKSGIVING!! The older I get, the more I understand why my mom and grandmother love Thanksgiving to so much. It is full of traditions and memories. My dad had his knee replaced the Monday before Thanksgiving, so I spent the morning cooking and preparing food with my mom. Jeff and the boys joined us after lunch. We watched the parade, White Christmas, and football.

Favorite 3: CHRISTMAS MOVIES!! I love all Christmas movies! I am a Hallmark movie devotee! I fall asleep watching one every night. This week I strayed a bit and watched a fun Netflix Christmas movie. It was great! We’ve also started watching the classics – Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.

Favorite 4: STEM!! Last night after showers I found both kids doing STEM activities. Jack pulled out the snap circuits and was having a blast with them. Luke was on the TinkerCAD website that he learned about at school.

Favorite 5: SCIENCE!! Luke got his second vaccine on Monday. I know he won’t be officially fully vaccinated until December 13th, but we are still celebrating! I am so grateful to the scientists and our local health department for making it so quick and easy to get everyone vaccinated!!

Favorite 6: PARADES!! My parents still live in the town I grew up in and that town has the best parades. Last weekend was the Electric Lights Parade. Luke and I went out to dinner and watched the parade. We always make a reservation right in the window so we can enjoy all the lights from our warm table. We had a great time this year! Hopefully more people can join us next year!!

Favorite 7: JEWELRY!! I pulled out my Christmas jewelry again and I am remembering how fun it is! I’ve been wearing my lights earrings and some fun candy canes. If you’ve been reading for any bit of time, you know they’re from Cora’s Den and you can use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 if you shop. I just got the tracking number for some fun winter earrings. I can’t wait to share them with you next week!

Favorite 8: BASKETBALL!! We are officially in basketball season! Jeff’s coaching Jack’s team again and helping out with Luke’s team when he can. Jack’s team had a tournament last weekend. Luke sat on the bench and helped coach on Saturday. It was fun to see al three of them together! The regular season starts tomorrow morning and luckily Jack’s team and Luke’s team play back to back in the same gym!

Favorite 9: JEFF! Jeff and I ran to Home Depot for Christmas lights, blinds, and some other odds and ends last weekend. When we got home, we realized we were both wearing black pants, a red shirt, and black vest. 😍

Favorite 10: SUNSHINE!! The sunrise has been gorgeous this week! It’s made getting to school a little early a little easier!

Favorite 11: PJS! My mom gives the boys Christmas pjs on Thanksgiving. She used to give them Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve, but we decided it made more sense to give them on Thanksgiving so you can wear them all season. My niece, Maggie, got matching pjs this year, too. I can’t wait to get them all together in their pjs! I also love the train in this picture. We’ve had this for 11 years and the boys still love to play with it every year!

Here’s one year old Jack in 2010 loving the new train! 😍

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I am looking forward to this weekend. The kids have a few basketball games and swim team practice. I would like to put up some more lights and finish up our decorating for Christmas. We need to get our Christmas card pictures done so I can get them ordered. I am setting a goal for the weekend – sit down read for at least 1 hour each day. I hope you can take some time for yourself this weekend, too! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 12/3/21

  1. Patty says:

    Ok, while I am typically a Hallmark purest, everyone has been telling me to watch that movie w Brooke Shields. I just may have to check it out.

    Happy weekend

  2. rawsonjl says:

    I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy Peachtree Bluff Christmas as I still can not find it anywhere through our statewide library system. I think it’s one of the only Christmas books I still have left on my “must read” list for this year.

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