Tuesday Book Chat – 11/30/21

Happy Tuesday! Today is usually Tuesday Book Release Day but I’m changing it up a little today. I made an error and the book I shared last week actually comes out today. I still don’t think it is for me, but if you’re looking forward to that book, I apologize!

I didn’t spend much time reading this weekend. Jack played 5 basketball games in two locations, both 30 minutes away. We cheered them on to a 4-1 weekend!

I did ALL the Christmas decorating. The Great Wall of Christmas is officially empty and back in shed. This year was fun to decorate because we have our new family room and shifted most of the first floor furniture over the past year. I just have a few more lights to put up on our deck.

Jeff and I also decided that this weekend was the best time to install blinds in our family room. It was only four blinds, but they were long and it definitely took a longer than we were anticipating.

While I didn’t have much reading time, I did finish Christmas in Peachtree Bluff by Kristy Woodson Harvey. I absolutely loved it. I was sad when I finished reading The Southern Side of Paradise because I love the Murphy family and wanted to see what happened to them. I was beyond excited when Kristy announced that she was writing a Christmas book about them. This book was everything I hoped it would be an more. I finished reading it with a happy heart and a little tear in my eye. Of course, I would love another Peachtree book, but if this is truly the last one it’s perfect! I highly recommend you run to your favorite indie bookstore, Amazon, or any other place you can find books and read this one! I gave it 5 bright, glowing sunshines full of Christmas joy! ☀️ 🎄☀️ 🎄☀️ 🎄☀️ 🎄☀️

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While we are talking books, I am on the hunt for a cozy winter book that isn’t about Christmas. I’m working on my January book stack. Have you read any great winter books?

I’ll be back tomorrow for the first day of December and the Currently link up. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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    • sunshineandbooksblog says:

      Kristy, it was amazing! I clutched my kindle to my heart at the end. You left the Murphy women in such a wonderful spot. Thank you for sharing them with me/us/the world!! I can’t wait for The Wedding Veil!

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