Currently – 12/1/21

Happy Wednesday! I cannot believe that today is December 1st! I’m linking up with Anne to share five things I am currently doing.

I am currently decorating…

Very little right now. I powered through last weekend and decorated just about everything in and on my house. I did the roof lights, the porch lights, all six inside Christmas trees, my Christmas village, and all of the other decorations. I still need to do the deck lights today or tomorrow.

I am currently feeling…

Great!! Our Book Fair is back this year and every student in the school previewed on Monday and Tuesday. You can feel the excitement in the building! We had our first evening shopping event last night and it was so great!

I am currently sending…

All kinds of thanks to science! Luke got his second covid vaccine on Monday and I am so grateful! It feels good to have all four of us vaccinated!

I am currently smelling…

A new candle from Trader Joe’s. I tried a few fall candles and loved them so I decided to try a winter candle. The scent is cedar balsam. It’s so lovely!

I am currently wrapping…

Absolutely nothing! My goal this year is to have nothing to wrap on December 23rd or December 24th, but I have not started any wrapping yet. I still need to get some new wrapping paper. I’ll probably get some this weekend so I can get started.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is currently decorating, feeling, sending, smelling, and wrapping. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

8 thoughts on “Currently – 12/1/21

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Yay! For the book fair and vaccines 🙂 I picked up the at candle at TJ too and love it. I’m such a procrastinator when if comes to wrapping presents. I hope to wrap my Kc family’s presents soon and get this crossed off my list!

  2. SMD says:

    The winter scents are some of my favorites in candles. Love balsam & cedar candles!

    Hurrah for the return of the book fair!

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