Friday Favorites – 10/8/21

Happy Friday! I am happy to see Friday this week. Wednesday felt like it should’ve been Thursday and Thursday felt like it should’ve been Friday, so I am very thankful that it is finally Friday!

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Favorite 1: BILLY JOEL!! I love the Billy Joel channel on Sirius radio. It comes and goes and it is back!! When Luke and I heard that it was back, we were so excited!! One of my colleagues love Billy Joel radio too so we texted her immediately. There were two happy cars pulled into school on Thursday morning!

Oops, time to dust the dashboard.

Favorite 2: NEIGHBORS!! My kids play outside all the time. They usually play with our two next door neighbors, but recently a bunch of other neighbors have been joining in the fun. Big Bertha, the dog, is getting in on the soccer game this week.

Favorite 3: LILLY!! I love these Lilly for Target pants. They are so comfortable and the colors are lovely. The only problem is I usually get a comment about them being pajamas every time I wear them. So I am putting it to you Sunshine & Books readers, do they look like pjs or do they look like palazzo pants?

Favorite 4: SUNSHINE!! My parking spot at school faces east and we are treated to gorgeous sunrise skies most days. These two caught my eye this week.

Favorite 5: PRACTICE!! Jeff’s new job means that he’s home most evenings this year. I am loving it because I get to stay at the boys’ events and watch or go for a run/walk. Last year I spent a lot of time driving back and forth dropping one kid off, then dropping the other kid and going back to pick everyone up. This week, I got to watch some basketball, soccer, and golf.

Favorite 6: VACUUM! I do not actually like vacuums or vacuuming, but my favorite is that my vacuum works again. The pull off hose wasn’t working and it was making me mad. Luke and I took it apart on Thursday afternoon and we figured out what was blocking the air flow. We removed it, cleaned the end piece, and put it back together. I do love fixing things!

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Tuesday Book Release Day

I am ready for this weekend! Luke has a soccer tournament that starts tonight. Jack has a basketball game and a golf match. It’s homecoming at Jeff’s school so he’ll be pretty busy in the evenings. The weather doesn’t look great for any of it. I am hoping that the rain holds off when we need it to – games, matches, and the dance. It does look like cozy reading weather, though. I just downloaded The Seven Husbands of Eveyln Hugo from our library. I need to finish reading Rules by Jenny Colgan before I can start it. Hopefully this weekend will allow for that! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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