Currently – 10/6/21

Happy Wednesday! I am sharing 5 things we are currently doing today. There are a few bookish things, some fun, and one healthy thing!

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I am currently borrowing more ebooks on Overdrive through my public library. It took me a long time to start using it, but I really like the Overdrive/Libby app that my library uses. I really like reading on my kindle because I can fall asleep reading but I don’t always want to buy a book. The wait can be long, but it’s worth it to me.

I am currently buying Halloween costumes! My kids have had the hardest time deciding what they want to be the past few years. For a few years they each picked a jersey they wanted to have and were that athlete for Halloween. It felt a little like a trick, but I didn’t mind because they wore their Halloween costume a ton.

I am currently planning Christmas gifts! I am starting to worry a little about shipping and the supply chain for Christmas gifts so I am starting to shop way earlier than I usually do. If you have any great ideas for an almost 13 year old boy and an almost 11 year old boy, send them my way!

I am preparing for a sweets detox. It may be hard, but I know it will be worth it. I have been eating a TON of treats since school started and it’s time to cut back. As soon as we finish the delicious chocolate peanut butter bars I made for Jeff’s birthday, I am cutting back. I’ll be sure to share the recipe soon. I can’t believe I’ve never shared it with you!

We had those delicious chocolate peanut butter bars on Luke’s birthday, too!

I am reading as much as I can! Right now I am reading Rules by Jenny Colgan. I love her books! I am also working through all the books for our Battle of the Books competition at school. Teams of 5-9 kids read 10 books so they can answer specific questions. We compete against teams from other schools. My school has won the past few years! Woohoo!

I’ll be back on Friday to share my favorites from the week. I love this quick peek into what everyone is doing. I’d love it if you shared one or all five things you are currently doing this month in the comments. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

14 thoughts on “Currently – 10/6/21

    • sunshineandbooksblog says:

      It is an old one and she wrote it under the pen name Jane Beaton. It came out in 2009 and was republished in 2016. I had to buy it from Blackwell’s in the UK. The first 3 of the 6 books series are out – Class, Rules, and Lessons.

  1. rawsonjl says:

    I am completely stumped on Christmas gift ideas this year for everyone on my list… I’m thinking all the teens/ preteens will be getting money and then I’ll badger my own boys for a few ideas each.

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    I’ve loved the Libby app too. Times have changed…I used to have my kids costumes figured out in September 🤣 obviously they are older now and know what they want to be. Hadley has a couple ideas but I guess I should have her figure it out…especially if I need to order something, even from Amazon. Hayden can always at least throw on a jersey! I can’t wait for your to share the sweets recipe. And I love your BSC shirt

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