Hello Monday – 10/11/21

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend!

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It was a great mix of downtime and busy. When I sat down on Sunday evening to write this post, my to do list looked like this:

I love this kind of list!

The sky on Friday morning was beautiful! Gorgeous oranges and yellows in one direction and pink cotton candy clouds in the other.

We started our weekend fun on Friday night. Jack went to his basketball game and Jeff’s dad came to cheer him on. After Jack’s game, they went to the homecoming football game at Jeff’s school. They had a great time! Luke and I went to Luke’s soccer game. He got to play under the lights and it was so fun!

On Saturday, Jack wanted to make pancakes but we were all out of Kodiak mix. Luke grabbed his cookbook and suggested a recipe. Jack got right to work and they were delicious!

Luke had a game at noon and Jack stayed home so he could get to swim practice. Luke and the team played well but they lost.

Jeff had to go to the homecoming dance Saturday night. The boys had friends over and I got a bunch done around the house. I went to bed at the same time as the kids

On Sunday morning, we woke up to cool temperatures and misty rain. That is not ideal weather for soccer and golf but we were doing it anyway. Luckily the rain stopped for Luke’s game and Jack’s golf round. Both boys played well in their sport. Luke and I were home all afternoon.

I worked through that To Do list all afternoon. I made peanut butter bars so I could share the recipe this week.

Luke found some building block cookies that he wanted to make when he was finding a pancake recipe for Jack. He was so excited to work in the kitchen together! It was a little messy and reminded me of Lebron James before a game. Luke was so excited to take a few cookies to our neighbors when we finished. It was so sweet!

Between dinner, peanut butter bars, and Luke’s cookies, I think we used every single measuring cup in my kitchen!

I ran a little over the weekend and am hoping to run a little more this week. We are figuring out this schedule and I’m finding ways to fit some more exercise in. Here’s hoping on Friday, I will have more successes to share. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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