Hello Monday – 10/4/21

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend and I’m sharing it with you today. The weather was perfection! I spent a bunch of time enjoying the sunshine and forgot to take many pictures. Oh well…

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I had the sweetest surprise on Friday at school. This week as a quick starter to my lesson on asking questions I had the students ask me any question they wanted. I got a lot of questions about my favorite book, how old I was, my favorite colors, and all of the jobs I’ve had. On Friday morning, a sweet fifth grader walked in and gave me this gorgeous bracelet He said he made it for a belated birthday present. It’s even my favorite color!! Kids are the best!

Even though summer will always be my favorite, the cool fall mornings and evenings aren’t so bad. I love this illustration of the Anne of Green Gables quote.

I started wearing my pumpkin/fall jewelry on October 1st. These white and gold pumpkins are some of my favorites. You know they are Cora’s Den and you can use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 when you shop.

On Friday night, the boys went to our next door neighbor’s flash light tag birthday party. Jack had to leave a little early to get to his basketball game. I was in my pajamas by 8:15 because this week at school kicked my booty.

We were up and moving early on Saturday morning heading to Luke’s soccer game. Luke and his team played really well and it was so fun to watch.

After the game, we went to watch my nephew’s soccer game. He’s four and it was so much fun to watch. Four year old soccer is total swarm ball and too cute!

Luke was giving him a little advice. It was so sweet!

We went to Jeff’s brother’s house for lunch. Jeff’s parents went to all the soccer games and joined us for lunch, too. It was so great to see everyone and we celebrated Jeff’s birthday.

On Saturday evening, the kids played with friends, Jeff seeded the yard, and I decorated for fall.

On Sunday we were up and moving early again. I had a grocery pick up at 7 am to get everything we needed for the week before Luke’s soccer game. They won this game and played really well. It was fun to watch again!

After the game we went to First Watch for brunch. It was delicious! We got French toast, pancakes, an omelette, and a club sandwich.

Jeff and Jack headed to the golf course from lunch and Luke and I came home to make Jeff’s birthday dessert. When everyone got home, we sang to Jeff and got ready for the week.

Last Monday I shared that I was hoping to figure out some routines. We did and they are pretty good. This week I am hoping to add some more exercise into that routine. My plan was to run during the kids practices but school has been so crazy that I needed that time to sit down and regroup or work for a little bit. Hopefully on Friday I will share that I ran twice and used the Peloton app every day for strength or stretching classes.

Both kids have state testing this week so I am going to be pushing for very early bedtimes. It’s hard as they get older and practice times get later.

I am continuing the Little School by the Sea series by Jenny Colgan/Jane Beaton. I started Rules last night. I love Jenny Colgan novels and a school book feels perfect for this time of year. What are you reading these days? Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 10/4/21

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m halfway through Local Woman Missing. It’s dark and heavy at times, but it’s suspenseful, and I’m excited to see how it ends.

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    That bracelet is so sweet & I love your boys with their cousin. It took me until about week 3 of school to kind of getting back in a workout groove. I hope you have a great week!

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