Friday Favorites – 10/1/21

Happy Friday! I cannot believe it’s already October!! September positively flew by! This week was another busy one but it was good!

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Favorite 1: EMORA!! I got a pair of Lilly Pulitzer Emora pants and they are an instant favorite! They’re French terry but still work appropriate. I think I will end up with a few more pairs!!

Favorite 2: KIDS!! I love how observant kids are. I don’t wear my hair up very often but I did on Thursday. We were laughing so hard at bus dismissal because so many kids commented on it. I got “I didn’t recognize you with your hair like that Mrs. Parsons” and “That’s a cool bun Mrs. Parsons” and “I did not know you could do that with your hair” and my favorite “You really look like a mom with that bun Mrs. Parsons”! 😂😂😂 Once I started counting, there were over 40 comments. I was taking apart our computer lab so we can use the space more effectively since we have so many laptops now and that required a bun!

Favorite 3: DEBBIE!! I was so excited to welcome our first author/illustrator of the school year to our school. She visited us virtually from Toronto and it was wonderful! Debbie Ridpath Ohi is so engaging and her illustrations in the I’m… books are perfect for our students!

Favorite 4: WORK SWEATPANTS! I love these pants so much. I can wear them to work with a sweater and flats and no one know I’m wearing sweatpants. They were perfect for Thursday when I was all over the place converting that computer lab.

Favorite 5: CORA’S DEN!! I wore this pink and gold necklace this week. It is my first bubblegum bead necklace and I still love it!!

I have been saving all of my fall and Halloween jewelry for October. It’s officially time to start rotating all the fall/Halloween fun!!

I have my eyes on a few more items, too. How cute are these??

Favorite 6: ROUTINES!! I am happy to say that this week was way better for our routines. I figured out how to get my exercise in. I drank way more water and that felt great. I am still drinking a little more Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi than I would like but I am drinking a less. I did not get to bed much earlier this week. It just didn’t happen. Hopefully next week will bring the earlier to bed.

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We are wrapping up our fall birthday marathon this weekend with Jeff’s birthday. Luke has some soccer games and Jack has some golf. The weather looks amazing so we’ll probably spend a lot of time outside. I am hoping to get some reading time in, too. Have a great weekend full of sunshine & books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    Love those Lily pants! Do those LL Bean pants have pockets? I’m looking for something like that replace my wide leg yoga pants but I really want something with pockets.

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