Hello Monday – 9/27/21

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend! Our weather was AMAZING and we took advantage of it! I’m linking up with Heather to share our fun.

I wore this shirt on Friday and it is one of my favorites. I love that The Babysitters Club is popular again because it was my favorite series growing up. It is so fun to watch kids read my shirt and figure out who it is. How fun are these pencil earrings?? You can find them on Cora’s Den. Don’t forget to use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10!

I had to meet a prospective family at the pool on Friday evening. It was a lovely night and perfect for visiting the pool.

We didn’t have any sports on Saturday so Jeff spent the day working on the yard. He cut the grass and rented an aerator. I added some fall decorations, including this adorable mat on the deck.

I took Luke to a birthday party and met Jamie while Luke was having a blast. We walked around downtown and visited a new independent bookstore in Westminster. After our walk, I spent a little time on my parents’ porch. The glider is so comfy for reading and enjoying beautiful weather.

On Saturday night, we celebrated my birthday. I told Jeff I wanted authentic tacos for dinner. He found a DELICIOUS taco truck and off we went. I ended up getting a shrimp quesadilla. Jack got a steak quesadilla, Jeff got shrimp tacos, and Luke got steak tacos. All of our food was so good!

Jeff got key lime pie tarts and cupcakes for dessert. They were so yummy!

I met Jodi for a run on Sunday morning. It was quite the eye opener to just how out of “running the hills of Eldersburg” shape I am. Good incentive to get back into running and lifting weights a little more regularly. I spent some time on my driveway in a beach chair reading my book.

Then Jeff and Jack headed out to the golf course. Luke and I headed to his soccer game. When we got home, we started getting ready for the week.

As much as I love getting a manicure, I also love to paint my own nails. My sister gave me the Olive & June manicure kit for my birthday and I started using it on Sunday evening. 😍

I am determined to figure out how to settle into a routine this week. I will figure out where my exercise will fit in. I will increase my water intake. I will decrease my Diet Coke intake. And I will get to bed a little earlier. I’ll share an update on Friday Favorites. Hopefully it will be good! Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 9/27/21

  1. scottaew says:

    Happy birthday! Love your new doormat! I want to hear what you think about Olive and June. I hope you settle into a better routine. September kicks our butts as educators!

  2. rawsonjl says:

    A birthday taco from the taco truck sounds fabulous. I LOVE that Babysitter’s Club t-shirt. I used to love those books so much that three of my girlfriends and I all adopted rolls from the books and put together our own quasi-club.

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