Friday Favorites – 4/16/21

Happy Friday! This has been quite a week. I have a bunch of favorites to share with you today.

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Favorite 1: BOOKS!! I finished some great books this week! I finished Sally Hepworth’s new book – The Good Sister. I do not like scary books because I get nightmares but Sally Hepworth’s books are suspenseful and twisty but not scary. Perfect!!

I reread The Chicken Squad by Doreen Cronin. I was recommending it to one of my classes and Luke because it is going to be a show on Disney Plus.
I was so excited to get the new Black-Eyed Susan nominees for the 2021-2022 school year on Thursday. These books are selected by school librarians and students across our state vote on their favorite book. I love getting this list. We have two of the books at home so I got started reading on Thursday!

Favorite 2: SUNSHINE!! I have been loving all the sunshine this week! I spent most of the afternoon on the deck reading and enjoying the warmth. I’ve eaten my lunch on the deck most days this week too. Luke was a close contact of someone with Covid so he had to quarantine from school and activities part of last week and this week. Luckily that person is totally fine and Luke tested negative for Covid. I’ve been working at the kitchen counter and watching for the sun and dashing out onto the deck when the clouds clear.

I love these new sunglasses from Tuckernuck. They are the Walker tortoise shell glasses. I got them in gray and brown! 😍

Luke wanted to play Monopoly Ultimate Banker and it was too beautiful to be inside. So we played on the deck. It was lovely except the game needs to be in the shade to read some of the cards. Unfortunately, I dropped a card through the crack in the deck so Luke headed to eBay to find a replacement. It was still worth it though to have some fun with my boy in the sunshine.

Favorite 3: NEIGHBORS!! We are so lucky to have our neighbors! One of our neighbors, Matt, is the handiest guy around and he is always willing to help us with anything. He has done plumbing repairs, electrical work (switching lights and fans), fixing Luke’s dirt bike, and the list goes on and on. He even climbs on our top top roof every year to help us hang the Christmas lights and hangs lights from our tree to his tree across the street. He’s the best!! Matt also has a great sense of humor. We asked him to install a fan for us. I went to baseball with Jack and came home to this. He’s such a jokester!

When my boys and the neighbors got the negative results from their Covid tests they were so excited to play outside together again. We let them play tennis and other far apart games until their quarantine is over. Luckily they have been in our bubble since the very beginning so we felt pretty safe to play again with negative results.

Favorite 4: LEARNING FROM HOME!! Jack stayed home on Monday with Luke and was pretty bummed to miss the first day of the ping pong unit in PE. Thanks to Gigi and Pop, Jack was able to participate in ping pong for the day! Jack was also pretty happy to have lots of time to play golf in the backyard this week!

Favorite 5: MY MOBILE OFFICE!! I was back in my mobile office meal planning for next week. I am hoping we are all back at school and ready to embrace our routine!

Favorite 6: LAUGHING!! Jeff and I laughed so hard this week watching Nate Bargatze on Netflix. We watched The Greatest Average American first and then The Tennessee Kid second. Both are funny! Both are worth watching! I highly recommend it!

Favorite 7: CORA’S DEN. !! I picked my tie dye earrings and necklace to brighten up a rainy day this week. They are so perfect for spring and summer! I have my eye on a few things on the website right now. Have you checked it out? You can use SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 to save 10% on your order.

Favorite 8: OLYMPICS!! The countdown is officially on! As of Friday we are 99 days away from the Opening Ceremony! I shared my Olympic love a few years ago. I’m practically giddy thinking about all the events!

Favorite 9: LILLY! This quote popped up in my Facebook memories this week and I love it. It’s such a great reminder!

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We have a fun weekend full of activities for the kids! Jack has a baseball tournament. Luke has a lacrosse game and a soccer game. He’s excited to play after staying home for 10 days. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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