Happy 10th Birthday Luke!

10 years ago today, our Luke was born! To celebrate his birthday, I am sharing 10 things about Luke.

We have always called Luke the happiest kid everywhere he is. In kindergarten he bounced everywhere with excitement. Luke is funny to so he tries to share his happiness with people around him. He always has a smile and is ready for fun!

Luke is a great friend! We never have to worry about Luke finding someone to play with. He can make a friend everywhere and keeps those friends forever.

Luke plays sport and has fun playing. He currently plays soccer, lacrosse, basketball, golf, and swims.

Luke has NO FEAR!! He will try anything physically. It usually works out well, but there was a time in his little life that he’d had significantly more black eyes than haircuts. 😂

Skinned knee & a knocked out front tooth
Just another day for our fearless Luke ❤️

Luke likes to be outside. In the past year, he and his friends have built forts and spent more time in the woods than ever before. He always comes out of the woods smiling with great stories about what they did.

Luke LOVES legos. He loves to build them according to the directions, play with them, and create his own buildings/vehicles. Luke and I are in a constant battle over the name of the front room. I say library and he says Lego room.

Luke’s favorite food is mac and cheese. He could eat it every single day and never ask for anything else.

Luke loves reading. He especially loves to listen to people read to him. Luke discovered Audible this year and really loves it. Luke also loves to read graphic novels.

Luke started band this year. He picked percussion and it is the perfect instrument for him. He’s learning to play the bells and on the drum pad.

Luke is a master Clue player. He doesn’t often take notes, plays like he has no idea what cards people have, and shows different cards to each person when we play the game, but he almost always figures it out first. We have no idea how it happens, but his brain keeps it all straight and figures it out.

We’re celebrating a double digit Luke today! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    He sounds a lot like my youngest with his uncanny Clue ability and love of graphic novels! This was such a fun read. I hope he had a fabulous birthday.

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