Not Just a Mom – 4/12/21

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend! Both days started out cloudy and rainy and ended up nice enough to spend a good amount of time outside. I was determined to finish my book yesterday so I sat on the deck and did just that. It was quite lovely!

I am joining Jen and the ladies to share some favorite family memories. I found this to be a very hard prompt! How do I share my favorite memories and not keep you reading for 4 hours?? Hmmmm… I’m going to narrow it down to trips and see where that gets us. I went looking for pictures as I was writing this Sunday night and I don’t have them all digitally so know I did my best. 😉

I thought about my childhood vacations to Alaska, New York City, and Disney World. Our yearly trips to the beach in Maryland and North Carolina. One Christmas my parents surprised us with our last vacation as a family of four (Mom, Dad, Sarah, and Annie) to the Dominican Republic. Jeff joined us for every trip after that.

We’ve taken some fun extended family vacations too! We went to Ireland, Bermuda, the Greenbrier, the beach, Disney World, Deep Creek Lake, Spring Training, and The Players Championship.

I love the trips my mom and I have taken the boys on to Florida, Connecticut/Massachusetts, and the beach. We have so much fun on these trips.

We’ve taken fun trips with just the four of us (Sarah, Jeff, Jack, and Luke). We’ve done the Smoky Mountains, hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Washington, D.C., and the beach.

Jeff and I have gotten away together, too. We went to the Canary Islands and Barcelona for our honeymoon. We’ve been to Jamaica, Vegas, Aruba, Mexico, Atlanta, and the beach.

I also have so many favorite memories of moments in day to day life. There are a bunch of one liners that my parents, sister, and I can say back and forth to each other that remind us of fun memories. The same is true for Jeff, the boys, and me.

That was fun to go down memory lane on vacations! I’m ready to hit the road again. Hopefully we’ll be on a beach soon!! I’ll be back tomorrow with two bookish posts – Show Us Your Books and Tuesday Book Release Day. I hope you’ll be back. Have a great day full of sunshine and books.

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9 thoughts on “Not Just a Mom – 4/12/21

  1. natashajk says:

    I love taking trips with my family and building memories that way!!!And multi-generational trips can be so fun too!

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love this post! You have been to so many awesome places! Just like I add your books to my reading list, I need to add some of your vacations spots to my vacay list! Thanks for linking up today 🙂

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